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Chinese Horse canvas


5/6s have been painting horses on a canvas.

The two hard parts were drawing the horse and painting it carefully on the canvas.

Some of our success criteria were to keep the canvas background clean and white, choose and use an appropriate brush and be careful with the brush strokes, only use black and red and to have a go.

Emily.S had trouble on figuring out what horse to draw.  She drew a horse head and a full horse. Hayley drew a horse head around the moon and the horse character. We both like our drawings.

I think most people in the class were proud of their work, most of them haven’t drawn horses before and everyone created a canvas that looked like a horse on it 🙂

IMG_2417    IMG_2393     IMG_2417

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Learning Environment

In an ever evolving curriculum it’s sometimes a challenge to fit in all we need to do and have specialist areas, like art, consistent with the rest of the school. I have been doing lots of work on my learning environment and how we keep up with current trends and ideas this year. One of my ideas has been this blog 🙂 getting students to reflect and document some of their learning through ICT. It’s the challenge i’ve set myself this year, to incorporate more ICT into the art curriculum.

Other ways of keeping the art room up to date include having learning intentions, success criteria and expectations clearly visible. I have a board for reflection, and I also have our school’s bounce back values displayed, just like all the classrooms. It makes for a consistent learning environment and keeps clear expectations for students no matter where they are 🙂IMG_4679 IMG_4682 IMG_4684 IMG_4688 IMG_4691

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