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5/6 Selfies


What we are doing in art is we are drawing self portraits of ourselves. We have to include a back ground ourselves and colour. On my portrait I’ve chosen a back ground that has a basket ball ring a football goals. I learnt that some parts of shading are lighter than other parts. The medium in the art work was paint. The paint was very detailed but it wasn’t a exact replica of the man himself.

By Logan C (Reporter)


Today I was the art focus student and had to show the class an artwork. I showed the class a painting of a banker smoking a cigar it was really fun and cool. later I worked on my selfie and learnt how to mix and shade different shades of colours I also learnt how to look at something and draw the exact same thing on a sheet of paper art was really fun

By Erin (Focus Student)


Photographer – Charlotte


what are we doing in art today we are working on our selfies today again we are getting there and they are looking really good. We where learning how to shade we tried to shade on the face. There are many different types of faces so there was many different places to shade there was also different types of backgrounds such as in holly wood and and on farms and in town up the street and even some simple backgrounds I am loving art in 2016 I cant wait for more.


There many people concentrating and working really hard keep up the good work 5/6c


Reporter: Tori W

Photographer: Bella B




Today I presented my cousin’s artwork and I showed my class her gemstone characters for her latest book. I chose this because I thought they looked really interesting and colourful. They were made up me, my friends and some fused together. I think getting the eyes to look realistic will be the hardest part of my selfie.

Gretta (Focus Student)


In Art we are doing Selfies! We are drawing our faces. We are starting with rough drafts and we’ll put our face on the iPhone. We will write our goals on the other iPhone. When we have finished a draft we get feedback on how to make it better.

Leo (Reporter)


Photographer – Milly


In art we are working on selfie drawings! Of yourself you have to memorise how you look and draw it onto a paper phones. We will see how close we get to getting it to look just like us in the past.  Bailey brought a drawing image of a butterfly and a wolf to share as the focus student. J.W (Reporter)


I feel excited to be able to draw my portrait and learn new skills to be able to sketch better. I’ve shaded and started on the good copy of my self portrait. I think I’m getting the shapes right and I’m staying on task. I shared my wolf and butterfly drawings. I chose them because I liked the techniques I used on them. Bailey (Focus Student)


Photographer – Kiera

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Grade 3/4 Weekly Wrap


In Art we are drawing ourselves on phones and practising on the back of them. When we have finished drawing them we will colour them and put them on display. I’m doing myself in a dress that’s a grey colour and I’m drawing myself with silver sandals. I also have been asking for feedback from people about what I look like and what I can do to make my drawing look better. I asked Rhiarna for feedback when we started. Regan (Reporter)


Photographer – Max


In Art we are working on our self portraits. We have asked for feedback and practised drawing our pictures first. It’s sometimes hard because some bits take a long time to do. My face looks good because I took my time and made it neat. The class is working well to finish their selfies. Tyler (Reporter)


I have been doing a good job drawing me, holding Ariel my cat. I did a really good job of the cats ears. The hardest part has been trying to draw Ariel’s arms and paws. I’m lying on my bed in my selfie. I have learnt how to draw heads a bit better. I started by drawing really slow to get the shape right. Hayley (Focus Student)


Photographer – Rowdy



in Art, were going well on our selfie work and many people are starting to colour their portrait we are doing well on getting the shape right. Its hard to do the hands holding the phone.


I am doing well on my one getting the shape of the face and the shading on it. The hand is not the best because it could be improved. Joe (Reporter)


I shared a picture of a room that was half colourful graffiti and half plain white. I chose it because it I really liked all the colours and I thought it was a really good artwork. I’ve learnt how to improve my drawing by doing a rough copy first and then doing my good copy. I am really happy with my face because normally I don’t get the shape right but on this one it looks good. Rhiarna (Focus Student)


Photographer – Mady


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Year 5/6 Art – a week in reflection


In Art 5/6C are drawing selfies. We have to make our drawing realistic and make it look as good as possible! We are also writing our goals into text messages. My goal is to try and draw noses so they look real and good. I think we are going really well and I am enjoying this activity Ella F (Reporter)

 Photographer – Caleb

Today I learnt about pointillism because I chose a painting to share that used it. I picked ‘The Circus’ by Georges Seurat. I chose it because it had a horse and looked textured. I learnt that I am not very good at drawing eyes on people or dogs and I like drawing myself. My selfie is a drawing of me and my dog at my house.

Aria (Focus Student)


today in art we are drawing self portraits. We drew them on the back of our paper first. I am drawing myself and my friend with a rolercoaster in the back round. I learnt how to draw my hair so it looks realistic. We’re going to put our selfies on display and see if people can work out who everyone is in the class. Bella (Reporter)

I was drafting some pictures and sketching. Then I had to scale it down so that is could all fit in the picture. I chose an artwork by Renoir and I chose it because it looked like a billabong or somewhere you might find in Australia. Flynn (Focus Student)

Photographer – Matthew


Today we are drawing in a pitcher I phone we are drawing our selfies, or people with us, or things with us. Miss Sharp gave us the idea of doing this because Xavier showed us a picture and we are trying to show what people look like when they use a iPhone and take a photo of ourselves.  We are making a draft first. by Crystal (Reporter)

My learning today has been good. I’ve learnt that you can see what people are thinking in their artworks and make up stories. I am drawing my selfie. The hardest part is getting the outline shapes and where the arm goes out right on my drawing. I am proud of how well I am listening and doing what I need to. I felt good being the focus student because I like to draw and I got to today. Xavier (Focus Student)

Photographer – Bailey

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Week 3 Art in years 3/4


I shared an art book from How to Train Your Dragon. My favourite picture is of the Red Death. I like it because it is the biggest dragon. It has lots of red spikes, teeth and looks like it is smooth and textured in places. I think it was done as a painting. I did a good job working on my selfie. The hardest part was getting the shape of the face right. Once I had done that it was good because I am good at art and it was easier. Kaine – focus student

I worked well on my selfie today. I think that I did a good job of the hair. It is a bit tricky but I am working well. The class enjoys drawing their selfies. Lilly (reporter)

Bella – Photographer


In Art we have been doing a picture of ourselves. Jaime brought in a picture to share. She had made it herself. She brought a self portrait. I’ve been working on how to draw ourselves. The hardest part is trying to draw your whole body. Emmett (Reporter)

I really like being a focus student. I shared an artwork I had drawn of a person. I really liked the techniques that I used to do it. Everybody said that they liked it. I’m doing a ‘take a selfie’ portrait now. When we are finished we will have to guess who it was that drew it. I made a few mistakes but rubbed them out and now I am happy with it. I just need to draw another eye and fix up my lips to finish. I feel really good sitting up the front on a chair as the focus student. Jaime (Focus Student)

Photographer – Jed



We are learning to take selfies of ourselves. We are drawing them. It can be either landscape or portrait. When we draw ourselves we have to include all the details like glasses if you wear them, eyes and ears. If you’re a girl you might draw earrings or a necklace. We want to make our pictures look real. I think I will do a good draft for my selfie. Xavier (Reporter)

I have been going well with my artwork and I am almost finishing everything in one art lesson. I remembered to bring to bring my artwork to share. I brought in drawings of animals and people mixed together that my brother and I had done. I also brought in an extra things to show such as pencils, rubbers, crayons, sharpeners and paint in my art box. I am trying to get my nose and hair to look much better than in my first draft. I need to sharpen my pencil more so I can draw finer and lighter lines. Everytime I do it I’m afraid the pencil will snap. The best bit about being a focus student is sitting up on a chair, sharing artworks and you feel proud of yourself for sharing what you can do. Izaiyah (Focus Student)

 Photographer – Olivia

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