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Finished Pop Art 1/2AC



We hadn’t published any of the Pop Art so here is some artwork from Tayiah, Ava and Jaime.

We enjoyed doing Pop Art we had to repeat the same picture but use different colours. Some of the artwork we looked at had tins of tomato soup, sneakers and famous people. I liked that we got to use lots of colours. Painting is one of my favourite activities in art.


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Grade 1/2AC Pop Art fun

We were really excited to see some of the Pop art examples on the computer, especially the modern versions of Michael Jackson and Star Wars. The Coca Cola can was very cool.

We drew pictures we had to draw 4 pictures but we couldn’t do them all different they had to be exactly the same. I did little flowers and Amity did turtles and Ella did flowers.

Next we coloured our pictures in except now we had to make them different by using different colours so they didn’t look the same anymore. Then we cut them out. After we had cut them out we stuck them onto the coloured paper we had painted last week.

I really liked drawing and colouring and drawing my Pop Art today – Amity

I liked colouring the pictures – Ella

My favourite part of Pop Art was colouring and drawing – Naomi.

We learnt that Pop Art used the same picture but different and bright colours. It was usually something popular that they drew.

 Reporters – Naomi, Ella and Amity

IMG_2651 IMG_2654

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Pop Art with 1/2T

IMG_2573 IMG_2574

Today we are learning about Pop art.  First we panted four squares. Today we stuck them on the four squares. We had to stick 4 pictures we drew that were the same on the squares.  We coloured the pictures in different colours. When we have finished them we think the will look cool.

Some people did things we find in the art room as their pictures like pencils and scissors some people chose hearts and faces.

Reporters – Jessi, Arie

Photographer – Krystos.


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I enjoyed drawing pencils for my Pop art. I used brown  and blue, red and orange, yellow and red and green and red. I learnt that Pop art is fun and is a repeated object. We had to draw, colour and then cut out our pictures, next we glued one picture in each of the 4 squares. They all had to be facing the same direction.

Reporter – Olivia

Photographer – Bella  

 IMG_2517 IMG_2516 IMG_2514

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Pop Art with Grade 1/2T


Today we did Pop Art the colours  we chose were yellow,  blue,  green and red  I thought it was fun. – Sonny and Ryan

Today we used the paint to make a colourful square. If it was left plain it would be a boring piece of art. Jessi

I liked that Andy Warhol used lots of different colours on his tomato soup painting. He made a pattern with the soup tins.

I hadn’t heard about the artist Andy Warhol before.

I’m proud of my painting because I didn’t put too much paint on. – Arie

IMG_2425                            IMG_2427

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Pop Art 1/2S & 1/2FC


Today we started looking at Andy Warhol and Pop Art. We looked at the Campbells Tomato Soup artwork. Some of us liked it and some of us didn’t. We had a good discussion about it all though.

We are doing our own Pop artworks. Today we folded a square of paper so we had 4 sections, then we painted each square a different colour. Some of us tried mixing colours too.

Some thoughts on the art work

I didn’t like the tomato soup painting because it’s something you see everyday, soup. It’s not very exciting. I don’t know why you would want to make soup an artwork – Rhys

I liked it because I love tomato soup – Shelby


I liked it because I think he did his best on it and it looks really good. Looks real. He used lots of colours- Jed

I think he made them look real, they look like soup – Darcy

It would be a really easy art work to make because you could just copy them on the computer- Kaine


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