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Henna Hands 1/2H

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I was doing my hands. I was making my hands have lots of detail. My favourite pattern was swirly up and swirly down, swirly swirl and then a bigger one and the up down and swirly swirl again. I liked doing the panels too.

Zabina (reporter)


Today on my picture I added a lot of detail. Then I tried to not let any spaces show on my work. When I had done the patterns I put fine liner on it to make it darker so you could see it better.

Chloe (reporter)


I put circles and diamond shapes and I put three fingers on the page and made dog faces.

Inika (focus)


I took a lot of care when I was drawing the patterns on my hands. I liked drawing lines in different ways.

Ruby (Focus)


Photographers – Ellie and Lilly

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5/6C’s Zentangling

Over the past Term 5/6C have been working on a very an interesting art topic called Zentangling.

Students have enjoyed the patterns that they come up with.

Zentangling is when you draw an outline and draw patterns.

You can use an outliner to outline the photo so it becomes clear. As a 5/6 group we have came up with over 75 different patterns. We never thought that we would come up with so many patterns but we have came up with a gizillion patterns each.

by Carly and Shaun

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