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Monday 11th August




Grade 5/6H started a new project today. We are exploring the work of Henri Rousseau, in particular his jungle artworks. His style is very different to what we have explored so far. I am using an activity inspired by Belinda Duncan’s book Art Inspirations using paper techniques. We had some very interesting discussions about what we liked and didn’t like in the paintings. One student thought that they looked like animation backgrounds and another suggested that they looked real but not quite. Some weren’t impressed by the subject matter and others liked the heavy detail and use of color. Today we just completed our background using a horizon line and coloring the sky section with blue food dye and the land with green paint, ready to start our collage next week.

Grade Prep M had a lot of fun creating mini paper sculptures today using some old computer boxes as a base and working with coloured paper and folding techniques to create unique artworks. Everyone was very engaged and enjoying trying to create fan folds, paper curls, loop the loops, fringing and interesting cut shapes.

IMG_2455 IMG_2460

Grade 3/4FJ worked on their FANCY FEET artworks focusing on the pattern side of things today. At first 20 patterns seemed an unreachable target for some, but by the end of the session most students had gone well beyond the minimum 20 pattern guideline, several students stretching to see just how many they could actually come up with. We have finished this project now so these will be on display soon. Some have to spend just a little more time to complete them, a group spending a lovely and chatty lunchtime today to work on them. 🙂

IMG_2468 IMG_2469      IMG_2464



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Fancy Footwork 3/4B

IMG_2227 IMG_2231 IMG_2233

In art 3/4B are making foot paintings. We started by drawing we had to draw with pencils and after we had drawn our feet we had to paint them using blue, red and yellow (the Primary colours) they made green, orange and purple (Secondary colours).

Then we let our paintings dry and when it was dry we got to use fine liner and trace all our feet. We drew patterns in the background.

By Jenae and Matthew


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