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Prep D Painting reflections

I did a wonderful painting today. I used pink and blue and orange. – Chloe

We painted our bowls we made last week. – Hugh

I mixed colours and made pretty colours. I made pink, green and blue and orange and light blue. – Sarona

I put spots on my clay pot. I put dark blue in the middle and I did the whole outside dark brown. – Cokey

 I was painting my pot I mixed colours on the tray. – Neve

Today I used pink, blue, green and skin colour to paint my pot. – Shontai

 I painted my pot blue. I mixed white and yellow too. – Tilly

I used lots of colours on my pot and painted in patterns. I used pink, blue and red. – Lacey

I painted my clay. I mixed red and white to make pink. I used blue and green and I had fun. – Poppy

I painted my clay in blue because it is a nice colour. I mixed different colours like orange, light blue, grey but I didn’t use them.– Ruby

I was painting my clay in aqua. I mixed yellow, blue and white to make it. I used the dark blue, black and red. – Dante

I made blue, silver, and put some spots and lines on my clay. – Levi

 I mixed up blue and yellow to make green but it was a bit dark brown. – Cayden

I painted the bottom of my clay red and polka dot and pink. – Banjo

I painted my pot and I made light brown and very dark purple and a nice light red. – Miami

I used blue on the bottom and on the top I used yellow and blue. – Dakota



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Things we like to do in Art;
Painting – Dakotah, Poppy
Painting different colours – Dante
Learning the Primary colours – Cayden
I love Painting – Miami
I liked painting the butterflies blotters with secondary colours – Banjo
Drawing – Sarona
I liked painting a picture of the beach – Cokey

Today in Art;
I painted a picture of my Mum – Dakotah
I painted butterflies using red, blue, yellow, green and purple – Tilly
I painted my Mum – Lacey
I coloured in with all the rainbow colours and shades – Banjo
I was making a sky that was beautiful and a waterfall and a sunflower and a rainbow and a fairy also. – Sarona
I used all different colours. I used red, blue, green, pink and purple – Hugh
I made the beach – Poppy
I made a flower and a rainbow – Chloe
I drew the main zone in the Batman’s cave – Cayden

IMG_4072 IMG_4071 IMG_4069


Picasso Paintings

We are doing Picasso paintings with foam. it is very fun with the paint. We are using Primary and Secondary Colours and shades. We have cut them out in all different shapes. When we designed them we had to make sure there were no curves on the outline. We were only allowed to use three colours on the face, but we could mix them up.

I chose orange, aqua and blue, as I got to mix aqua (green and blue) and orange. (Bella). I chose black, red and green. Two of these colours are my favourite team and the other one makes it stand out. (Harry)

We have enjoyed doing this activity and we’re looking forward to finishing them. We would recommend them to other people to make if they love doing art.

Reporters Harry and Bella

Photographer – Rhiarna

IMG_3957 IMG_3971 IMG_3974 IMG_3979

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Our clay creations

IMG_3289 A picture of my clay dog 🙂

On the 13th October I was finishing my artwork I made a dog using clay. I made my clay dog for my brother Seth for his birthday on Monday the 13th October. I had to paint my art work, I mixed some paints together. I made orange, and used shades of yellow, blue and black, then I got some gloss and put it on my artwork. The gloss made the dog look shiny and helped it to be strong because we couldn’t fire the clay in a kiln. I really enjoyed doing my art project with the class and Miss Sharp

Reporter – Crystal 3/4FJ

IMG_3290 IMG_3287

A Note from Miss Sharp

This activity was excellent for finishing off and making the clay look colourful and attractive as well as making it stronger. Unfortunately there were a few breakages but hopefully we can glue them together later when they dry. Next time we might try air drying clay or oven bake clay. It was also a good activity for students to refresh colour mixing skills and try new combinations. The students always enjoy using paint and mixing colours and always seem to discover a new combination, shade or tint they hadn’t found before 🙂



Chinese Horse canvas


5/6s have been painting horses on a canvas.

The two hard parts were drawing the horse and painting it carefully on the canvas.

Some of our success criteria were to keep the canvas background clean and white, choose and use an appropriate brush and be careful with the brush strokes, only use black and red and to have a go.

Emily.S had trouble on figuring out what horse to draw.  She drew a horse head and a full horse. Hayley drew a horse head around the moon and the horse character. We both like our drawings.

I think most people in the class were proud of their work, most of them haven’t drawn horses before and everyone created a canvas that looked like a horse on it 🙂

IMG_2417    IMG_2393     IMG_2417

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3/4FJ Fancy Feet


We have been working on fancy feet, it’s an artwork exploring pattern and colours. We used Primary colours to paint the feet but created Secondary colours where the colours overlapped. Before we could paint the feet we had to trace around them. we took our shoe off and had to put at least 6 feet on our page. After painting them we have outlined the feet and used black markers to create patterns in the background.


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Prep Colour fun

IMG_2310Prep M had lots of fun today trying out new colours with paint.

We tried mixing colours today to try and see what we could make 🙂

We used the Primary colours and black and white.  We learnt that if you add too much black though it turns black. Black makes colours darker and white makes colours lighter.

I made purple by mixing red and blue, yellow and blue make green and I made pink by mixing red and white. I tried pink and brown together it made a dark pink. I used the colours to paint a person riding on a truck. Rishi

I made a messy painting. I mixed colours up and made dots. Some of the colours I mixed together were blue, red and white. Jack

I painted a unicorn. I mixed up red and white and painted the unicorn pink. Miah

I made a rainbow it had red, blue, pink, green, white, yellow and orange I mixed light blue. Kaydee

I mixed dark red I had to use black and red to make it. I used it to paint my robot. I also made a lighter black. Ethan

IMG_2314       IMG_2311

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5/6H Year of the Horse canvas paintings

This term we have been working on painting little horses on small canvases. The colours that we were allowed to use include; blue, but only by itself, red and black. We were allowed to use red and black together on the canvas. You could write the character for horse in Chinese, [ma] on the canvas or the pinyin ma. You could also write ‘year of the horse’ or 2014 on the canvas as well as the picture of your horse. At the start we drew lots of pictures of horses on a piece of paper and the next week we chose which horse we liked best and drew it on a canvas. Then we painted it with the colours allowed and perfected it. We have had a great time doing this and we hope that the students, parents and teachers like the display at the Arts Extravaganza.

By Grace Calvird and Matilda Hope

IMG_2306 IMG_2309

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Busy Week Recap

Well we have had such a busy week this week we haven’t managed any student updates since monday…. so here’s a bit of an update on what we’ve been doing.

Prep students have started working on their artworks to be displayed at the Production later this term. We took their photos and they have been turning themselves into circus performers through use of collage and colouring. They are looking very cool so far. We have acrobats, jugglers, clowns and even a ringmaster 🙂 You’ll have to wait till after the production to see them on here though… I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Year 1 and 2 students have started exploring simple batik techniques using chalk and oil pastels with cats as our subjects. We chose cats because they have lots of interesting shapes and patterns. We started by drawing a thick outline with chalk, then we coloured it all in with oil pastel making sure we didn’t go over the chalk. The last thing we did was use different surfaces to create texture through rubbings in the background. Next week we will add the food dye to give it the real batik look.

Year 3 and 4 students have been creating funky feet pictures incorporating Primary and Secondary colours and exploring a variety of patterns created using shape and line. they are colourful and fun and just the thing for this wintery, grey weather. We saw some excellent painting techniques this week.

Finally year 5 and 6 students have started on their year of the horse Chinese artworks. The plan for these is when completed, all the canvases will be set up in a line showing all the different horses drawn. The color scheme is red and black. I think it will look very impressive. So far all of the students have practised drawing horses. I’m so proud of them for giving it a go and wow we have some very impressive drawings so far.

To top it off the students have been working hard on props for the production. We had a very productive week with 2 sessions seeing 3 mirrors and a shoe box almost completed from scratch. Well done everyone.

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We are on the web yay happy dance :)

Well we are finally bringing the art room onto the web. It is my challenge to incorporate a lot more ICT into my Visual Art program so here we are. Please be patient as I work out exactly how to do things 🙂 There will be lots of amazing art works appearing here soon so keep posted.

The art program is aimed to include painting, clay modeling, printing, textiles, drawing, design, photography, collage, artist appreciation and lots more. There is always something cool happening in the art room 🙂

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