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Henna Hands 1/2H

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I was doing my hands. I was making my hands have lots of detail. My favourite pattern was swirly up and swirly down, swirly swirl and then a bigger one and the up down and swirly swirl again. I liked doing the panels too.

Zabina (reporter)


Today on my picture I added a lot of detail. Then I tried to not let any spaces show on my work. When I had done the patterns I put fine liner on it to make it darker so you could see it better.

Chloe (reporter)


I put circles and diamond shapes and I put three fingers on the page and made dog faces.

Inika (focus)


I took a lot of care when I was drawing the patterns on my hands. I liked drawing lines in different ways.

Ruby (Focus)


Photographers – Ellie and Lilly

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