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Reflections from grade 1/2T

After completing our batik cats these are some of the reflections and comments the students had to say

I liked doing the blue food dye over the pastel because I liked the colours – Jessi

I liked colouring my cat in oil pastel it was fun – Sophie

I liked using the food dye and drawing the cats – Scarlett

My picture was green and colourful. I liked painting with food dye– Milly

I finished my cat today – Emily

Today I finished my cat, the hardest thing was colouring it in using oil pastel – Austyn

I liked making the batik cats, the best part was using food dye – Jett

I liked doing the drawing. My cat was a good shape. – Brodie

I liked finishing the cat that I made – Krystos


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My cat was pink and lots of colours and I got to finish it today. I liked using the food dye to create a wash on my batik cat.



My cat was sitting. I really liked the idea Miss Sharp had to do batik. I would like to do  it again. It looks like it is black. To do the texture on the background I had to get stretchy net stuff and put it under the paper.



We did batik cats. First we had a pencil and practiced drawing cats. Then we used another paper to draw our cat using chalk pastel. We did the background using blue stretch stuff to rub the texture. We coloured it in using oil pastel, then we painted the sheet with food dye. My cat turned out good J


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Grade 1/2S Batik Cats

IMG_2192         IMG_2193

We have been making cats with food dye and water pastel and oil pastel.  We had to put food dye over the cat to finish it off. We drew the cat with chalk and coloured it in oil pastel.

Drawing cats was pretty hard, I thought it would look better than I drew it. I drew my cat sitting and used heaps of different colurs like black, orange and brown. McKenzie

In art I drew a cat, mine was very hard to draw. I used pink, purple and gold to colour my cat. I think I worked very hard on this activity. Im really happy with how it looks. Marlie

Art is very fun

IMG_2194 IMG_2198 IMG_2200

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