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1/2s Reflections so far – Funky Self Portraits

I liked when we made our portraits, drawing around our feet and hands. I helped Arlie too. Alby

I’m a trolley person. My job is to make sure the trolley is tidy and everything is put away properly at the end of the art lesson. I like my job. Ellie

I liked that we got to do something about ourselves in Art. Jed

I think the session went really well because we all got to trace around our hands and feet and some people got to draw their faces. Connor R

We traced our hands and feet (it was hard) and drew a head and face to make a self portrait. Tyson

I found the hardest thing today was tracing around my hands and feet, because you couldn’t really see what you were doing and it was hard to trace around the hand that you don’t write with. Bella

I found it challenging to keep the shape of the head right and I accidentally made my lips a bit too big, but it still looked good after I did the rest of the face properly. Jessi

We learnt a little bit about Leonardo Da Vinci and portraits. He painted the Mona Lisa and lived in France but was born in Italy. He was born over 500 years ago. Krystos, Scarlett

I liked how we made our hands and feet by tracing around them and then drew our face. Jacobi

We drew a self portrait. I liked how we got to draw our faces and our eyes and ears. Toby

I’m pretty happy with my art work because I did really good work and I worked well all lesson. Jude.

I liked how I drew my hair today. Aleara

I like my work because it had lots of detail on it. I liked how I drew my teeth. Ethan.

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Finishing Funky Feet 3/4B


Today we were working on finishing our fancy feet pictures in art.  We traced our feet and painted them, using the primary colors and drew patterns in the background. We also had to have at least 20 patterns, but did not have to colour them in. One of Jai’s patterns looked like waves and one of Jess’ ones looked like eyeballs.

Reporters: Jai and Jess

Photographer: Connor

IMG_2469 IMG_2485IMG_2487

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5/6S Henri Rousseau

IMG_2490 IMG_2497

For this session we did our backgrounds. First we drew a horizon line on our A4 paper, 3 cm from the top. Then we painted the sky blue and the ground green. Brianna and Dallas drew a mountain hill horizon line. Next we are going to add paper collage on our backgrounds. Plus Steph was the person who took photos of peoples work. We also looked at some of Henri Rousseau’s jungle artworks, we think he did pretty well considering he’d never actually seen a jungle. We learnt a little bit about him, like he wasn’t just an artist until he was in his 40s. Most of the class liked his artworks because they were colourful and looked a little bit like animation backgrounds.


By Brianna, Dallas and

photographer Stephanie

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