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Week 3 Art in years 3/4


I shared an art book from How to Train Your Dragon. My favourite picture is of the Red Death. I like it because it is the biggest dragon. It has lots of red spikes, teeth and looks like it is smooth and textured in places. I think it was done as a painting. I did a good job working on my selfie. The hardest part was getting the shape of the face right. Once I had done that it was good because I am good at art and it was easier. Kaine – focus student

I worked well on my selfie today. I think that I did a good job of the hair. It is a bit tricky but I am working well. The class enjoys drawing their selfies. Lilly (reporter)

Bella – Photographer


In Art we have been doing a picture of ourselves. Jaime brought in a picture to share. She had made it herself. She brought a self portrait. I’ve been working on how to draw ourselves. The hardest part is trying to draw your whole body. Emmett (Reporter)

I really like being a focus student. I shared an artwork I had drawn of a person. I really liked the techniques that I used to do it. Everybody said that they liked it. I’m doing a ‘take a selfie’ portrait now. When we are finished we will have to guess who it was that drew it. I made a few mistakes but rubbed them out and now I am happy with it. I just need to draw another eye and fix up my lips to finish. I feel really good sitting up the front on a chair as the focus student. Jaime (Focus Student)

Photographer – Jed



We are learning to take selfies of ourselves. We are drawing them. It can be either landscape or portrait. When we draw ourselves we have to include all the details like glasses if you wear them, eyes and ears. If you’re a girl you might draw earrings or a necklace. We want to make our pictures look real. I think I will do a good draft for my selfie. Xavier (Reporter)

I have been going well with my artwork and I am almost finishing everything in one art lesson. I remembered to bring to bring my artwork to share. I brought in drawings of animals and people mixed together that my brother and I had done. I also brought in an extra things to show such as pencils, rubbers, crayons, sharpeners and paint in my art box. I am trying to get my nose and hair to look much better than in my first draft. I need to sharpen my pencil more so I can draw finer and lighter lines. Everytime I do it I’m afraid the pencil will snap. The best bit about being a focus student is sitting up on a chair, sharing artworks and you feel proud of yourself for sharing what you can do. Izaiyah (Focus Student)

 Photographer – Olivia

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Drawn Selfies aka Our Funky Feet Portraits

IMG_0059 IMG_0060 Makaylah – I drew a picture of my hands spread out and my feet sticking straight up. I coloured my portrait in orange and blue. I’m happy with how I did the dress.

Lilly – I did a drawing of my feet first and then I drew my hands, it was very fun. Then I made a big pattern on my feet. I loved decorating my feet.

Connor W – First I drew my legs, then I drew my arms and then I drew my body and I coloured it all in. I’m really proud of how I drew my head.

Jed – I started drawing my head and then I started drawing my body. After that I coloured it in and I coloured it in black, orange, red and green. I liked that I got to do a self portrait.

Photographers – Wilbur & Connor R

IMG_0070 IMG_0065 IMG_0066

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I enjoyed drawing pencils for my Pop art. I used brown  and blue, red and orange, yellow and red and green and red. I learnt that Pop art is fun and is a repeated object. We had to draw, colour and then cut out our pictures, next we glued one picture in each of the 4 squares. They all had to be facing the same direction.

Reporter – Olivia

Photographer – Bella  

 IMG_2517 IMG_2516 IMG_2514

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Chinese Horse canvas


5/6s have been painting horses on a canvas.

The two hard parts were drawing the horse and painting it carefully on the canvas.

Some of our success criteria were to keep the canvas background clean and white, choose and use an appropriate brush and be careful with the brush strokes, only use black and red and to have a go.

Emily.S had trouble on figuring out what horse to draw.  She drew a horse head and a full horse. Hayley drew a horse head around the moon and the horse character. We both like our drawings.

I think most people in the class were proud of their work, most of them haven’t drawn horses before and everyone created a canvas that looked like a horse on it 🙂

IMG_2417    IMG_2393     IMG_2417

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Reflections from grade 1/2T

After completing our batik cats these are some of the reflections and comments the students had to say

I liked doing the blue food dye over the pastel because I liked the colours – Jessi

I liked colouring my cat in oil pastel it was fun – Sophie

I liked using the food dye and drawing the cats – Scarlett

My picture was green and colourful. I liked painting with food dye– Milly

I finished my cat today – Emily

Today I finished my cat, the hardest thing was colouring it in using oil pastel – Austyn

I liked making the batik cats, the best part was using food dye – Jett

I liked doing the drawing. My cat was a good shape. – Brodie

I liked finishing the cat that I made – Krystos


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Busy Week Recap

Well we have had such a busy week this week we haven’t managed any student updates since monday…. so here’s a bit of an update on what we’ve been doing.

Prep students have started working on their artworks to be displayed at the Production later this term. We took their photos and they have been turning themselves into circus performers through use of collage and colouring. They are looking very cool so far. We have acrobats, jugglers, clowns and even a ringmaster 🙂 You’ll have to wait till after the production to see them on here though… I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Year 1 and 2 students have started exploring simple batik techniques using chalk and oil pastels with cats as our subjects. We chose cats because they have lots of interesting shapes and patterns. We started by drawing a thick outline with chalk, then we coloured it all in with oil pastel making sure we didn’t go over the chalk. The last thing we did was use different surfaces to create texture through rubbings in the background. Next week we will add the food dye to give it the real batik look.

Year 3 and 4 students have been creating funky feet pictures incorporating Primary and Secondary colours and exploring a variety of patterns created using shape and line. they are colourful and fun and just the thing for this wintery, grey weather. We saw some excellent painting techniques this week.

Finally year 5 and 6 students have started on their year of the horse Chinese artworks. The plan for these is when completed, all the canvases will be set up in a line showing all the different horses drawn. The color scheme is red and black. I think it will look very impressive. So far all of the students have practised drawing horses. I’m so proud of them for giving it a go and wow we have some very impressive drawings so far.

To top it off the students have been working hard on props for the production. We had a very productive week with 2 sessions seeing 3 mirrors and a shoe box almost completed from scratch. Well done everyone.

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Year of the horse 5/6H

In term 3 this week we are focusing on drawing Chinese horses. After we practice drawing our horses we are going to paint them on a mini canvas. We are hoping to present them at the town hall on at the arts extravaganza this year. We all are very excited about showing our artwork to every one.

By Kate and Maddy

.IMG_2137 IMG_2140


We are on the web yay happy dance :)

Well we are finally bringing the art room onto the web. It is my challenge to incorporate a lot more ICT into my Visual Art program so here we are. Please be patient as I work out exactly how to do things 🙂 There will be lots of amazing art works appearing here soon so keep posted.

The art program is aimed to include painting, clay modeling, printing, textiles, drawing, design, photography, collage, artist appreciation and lots more. There is always something cool happening in the art room 🙂

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