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1/2C Dragon Body Progress

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I was outlining and after I had finished outlining I added glitter and I put lots of glitter on the star. Some of it wasn’t sticking so I picked them off because it didn’t look very good and put them back in the tub. I am happy with my panel. When I was painting I accidentally dripped paint on it but I fixed it and scraped it off and painted over it.

Lily (focus)

I was working on my panel it has a dragon on it. Today I had to paint it. I chose silver, yellow, and green to paint my dragon.

Rowdy (reporter)


Photographer – Ryan

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Grade 3/4 Dragon Body Project

This week we laid out some of the panels to get an idea of what the final body might look like. It was great to see the students getting really excited about it and even making comments about colour combinations of panels. They’re really looking forward to seeing it all finished.

Here is a short video of photos taken by Crystal during art sessions this week.



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Dragon Body Panels Interviews

Hello everyone, just wanted to share some interviews some of the grade 5/6 students did on Monday playing with the whole reflecting on artworks and sharing their designs. Hope you enjoy them! There are 2 interviews the first via YouTube


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