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Grade 1/2S Dragon designs

Photographer – Hayley

Reporter – Stella M


Eliza is doing a Chinese Mermaid for her Chinese Dragon body panel. She is using green, blue, red, yellow and purple to decorate it. The tail is going to be green.

Eboni is doing the same as Tamsyn. It’s a giant branch because she likes the colour green. I think it might be bamboo because pandas eat bamboo.

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Chinese Dragon Body Panels 3/4H Interviews

Ella F

Ella is doing a Chinese blossom growing out of a Chinese vase with yin yang symbol and Chinese blossom character.


Hayley M

Hayley is doing a Chinese number 2 character. And she is putting couler and patterns in to her work.



Bella is doing a blossom tree with a sun set back gound she has put a lot of work into

Her blossom tree.


By Amiel

Photographer – Ebony


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Year of the Horse Canvases 5/6H

IMG_2326In the past weeks the students in 5/6S have been learning how to draw and design their own horse. First we started off by drawing in our books then designing them onto a canvas.  Some of us had never drawn a horse before so we had a go trying our own ideas first.  We could only use black and red and white for the background. In term 4 we will be having an arts extravaganza and all of the drawings would be shown on display. Tegan-  My work was very hard to do because I didn’t know how to draw a horse but in the end I got it.  Annika-  I think all the canvases all together will look really cool because they are all the same colors. In the end everyone had fun and we were excited that we were finished.

– Annika & Tegan

IMG_2328 IMG_2342

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We are on the web yay happy dance :)

Well we are finally bringing the art room onto the web. It is my challenge to incorporate a lot more ICT into my Visual Art program so here we are. Please be patient as I work out exactly how to do things 🙂 There will be lots of amazing art works appearing here soon so keep posted.

The art program is aimed to include painting, clay modeling, printing, textiles, drawing, design, photography, collage, artist appreciation and lots more. There is always something cool happening in the art room 🙂

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