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3/4FJ Fancy Feet


We have been working on fancy feet, it’s an artwork exploring pattern and colours. We used Primary colours to paint the feet but created Secondary colours where the colours overlapped. Before we could paint the feet we had to trace around them. we took our shoe off and had to put at least 6 feet on our page. After painting them we have outlined the feet and used black markers to create patterns in the background.


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As part of the literacy and numeracy week we organized a kite making activity. I worked with 3/4M and 1/2AC to create some beautiful Japanese carp kites. The older students worked with the younger students to decorate tissue paper, create a cane circle for the head, add streamers for tails and glue the sides together.

It was a very successful design with our kites flying beautifully in the windy weather (although it was a little too windy at times)

IMG_2206 IMG_2246

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