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Prep Clay Reflections


We made a cup but we can’t put water in them. – Larni


I mixed grey, green, light green and some other colours to paint my clay – Riley


I made a little cup and I painted it with different colours and I mixed some colours up. I used gold, black and red. – Niya


I made different colours and I painted with them. I made pink with red and white and I made green with blue, yellow and white and I made another colour – Ella


I am proud of how I mixed colours together. Miss Sharp helped me put red dots on my cup.– Jai


I mixed up colours to make grey and brown. I also mixed yellow and blue to make green – Kade


I mixed some green for the inside of my bowl and brown for the bottom. I maybe did a few zigzags and dots too. – Archer


I used dark blue and yellow and white. – Jordan.


I put blue on the bottom and black on the inside of my cup. – Jye


I tried to make green and I made pink and light blue to decorate my bowl – Acacia


I mixed some colours to make blue and I mixed white and blue and it made light blue. – Emma


I mixed red and blue and it made purple. I used it to paint my bowl. – Indi


I liked making a bowl in clay. I mixed light blue and yellow to paint it. – Nadia


I mixed colours and I made grey and also I mixed yellow, light pink and that made a different kind of pink to just mixing white and red. – Mackenzie


I really liked making things with clay – Madi.

thumb_IMG_4833_1024 thumb_IMG_4834_1024 thumb_IMG_4836_1024 thumb_IMG_4837_1024 thumb_IMG_4838_1024

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Clay Grades 1 and 2

I learnt how to make a cup out of clay. We broke the clay into 2 halves and made a teacup. I made dots of my Dad and me on mine. We practised making the clay very smooth so we could draw on it.

Hudson (focus student)

We used part of the clay to make a handle and we had to bend it and if you made a mistake you used water to make glue to fix it. They could be cups and we did them all today. We decorated them using a stick (skewer)

Wyatt (Reporter)

Photographer – Levi

thumb_IMG_4853_1024 thumb_IMG_4849_1024 thumb_IMG_4847_1024 thumb_IMG_4844_1024 thumb_IMG_4845_1024 thumb_IMG_4846_1024

I learnt that if you use clay you cant use that much water on the clay because it will get very smooth and break easily. I thought that we would paint the clay today but we have to let the clay dry before we paint or the clay will go yuk and ruined. I needed a bit of help with the handle and rolling the clay in a circle and I asked for a bit of feedback to help me improve my work.

Rishi (Focus)


We made a cup with clay and we made a handle and a cup to put the handle on. Next week we might paint it. Some of the pieces of clay were hard and some were soft. My piece was hard. Miah did a really good job making her cup. Miss Sharp said we could do patterns using the stick on our cups. We had lots of fun today.

Isobel (Reporter)

Photographer – Phoebe

thumb_IMG_0748_1024 thumb_IMG_4845_1024 thumb_IMG_4846_1024

I mixed pink to paint my bowl. I had to use white and red. I was careful not to get the colours dirty and mixed on my tray. I tried to make purple but it didn’t work. I put red and blue and I thought it would make purple but it didn’t look quite right.

Miley (focus)

We painted our cups and mixed colours together to make different colours. We had fun doing this.

Indi (Reporter)

Photographer – Sarah


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Week 3 wrap up

Wow! what a busy term so far and not even halfway yet.

The last week i had my team of dedicated helpers Dallas, Maddi and Nikita get all the art work prepared for the Ararat Show and it made for a bright and eye catching display

A big congratulations to Jameela and Jessi who both won their sections> Jameela with her anime portrait and Jessi with her magic drawing. Amelia also received an Honorable Mention for her clay cat and Jameela an Honorable Mention for her dragon zentangle.

IMG_3401IMG_3402IMG_3403 IMG_3404

we had a group of students involved in a special project for Children’s week but i’ll put that in a separate post 🙂 it’s fantastic

And in the everyday Art stuff we are currently exploring clay and sewing techniques. Check out the slide shows to see what the students have been up to. Grade 1/2 have done a particularly great job using colorful wool to sew running stitch on hessian. Grade 3/4 are learning how to blanket stitch.

Preps had fun making Pinch Pots from clay which will be painted and glossed in a couple of weeks and the grade 5/6s enjoyed modeling characters using the techniques they’d learnt in the clay challenge sessions.

Last week in 5/6S we got to make characters out of clay.We made things like Benson, bananas, snowman and many more.In a couple of weeks we will paint our clay models.And take them home.

From Stephy,Tegan,Bree and Dallas


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Our clay creations

IMG_3289 A picture of my clay dog 🙂

On the 13th October I was finishing my artwork I made a dog using clay. I made my clay dog for my brother Seth for his birthday on Monday the 13th October. I had to paint my art work, I mixed some paints together. I made orange, and used shades of yellow, blue and black, then I got some gloss and put it on my artwork. The gloss made the dog look shiny and helped it to be strong because we couldn’t fire the clay in a kiln. I really enjoyed doing my art project with the class and Miss Sharp

Reporter – Crystal 3/4FJ

IMG_3290 IMG_3287

A Note from Miss Sharp

This activity was excellent for finishing off and making the clay look colourful and attractive as well as making it stronger. Unfortunately there were a few breakages but hopefully we can glue them together later when they dry. Next time we might try air drying clay or oven bake clay. It was also a good activity for students to refresh colour mixing skills and try new combinations. The students always enjoy using paint and mixing colours and always seem to discover a new combination, shade or tint they hadn’t found before 🙂



Pinch Pots with Grade 1/2

IMG_3140We have been learning about clay and how to model with it. It is one of our favourite activities in art because it is really fun and we can make things that stand up. Some of the reasons we learn to work with clay are

  • we might need to make something in art with it
  • we might be an artist when we get older
  • people in movies use clay to make models
  • it’s good things to know
  • we don’t always use clay so it’s something different we can do.
  • we can use clay skills in our Discoveries (Discovery projects)
  • it helps the muscles in our hands and lets us create details in a different way.
  • we can use our imaginations

When we are using clay we have to remember to have our smocks on and put our hand up if we want to show our work to Miss Sharp so we don’t drop our work or clay pieces on the floor. We also have to make sure we wash our hands in the red bucket so we don’t need to get the plumber out to fix the sink.

This week we made pinch pots with clay. We had to roll the clay into a ball. Then we had to put our thumbs up and say “i’m awesome” and push our thumb into the clay to make a hole. After that we used our fingers to pinch the clay to make a bowl shape. We had to flatten the bottom on the table a bit so it didn’t roll over. Then we decorated the bowl with a skewer and put a pattern on it. They are drying now so we can paint them when we get back from holidays.

After we had made the pinch pots we used the skills we learnt in the challenge last week and got to make our own models. Olaf from Frozen was a very popular choice 🙂

written by grades 1/2T, 1/2S, 1/2AC and 1/2FC

IMG_3143 IMG_3144


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Clay Skills

The grade 1/2s and 3/4s would like to present their clay skills. This is our very first video recording of our works so hopefully there will be a lot more to come 🙂

Please enjoy our clay skills video 🙂

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Clay Challenges

An activity that my students really enjoy is our clay challenges. As a new art teacher to the school

I wasn’t sure how much the students have done before and what skills they are competent and confident in. So we do challenges. Each student gets given their piece of clay and are given little challenges to achieve in a set time.

Challenge 1 – in 3 minutes using all or part of the clay create the smoothest, roundest ball you can….

IMG_2963 IMG_2966 IMG_2965

Challenge 2 – create another ball of clay and join to the first so they don’t come apart (i do usually demonstrate joining techniques here, I also like students to put their hands together flat and get a friend to pull them apart to demonstrate how easily clay can pull apart if not joined correctly, repeat this with fingers entwined to show the difference). I usually allow 5mins although start testing joins as soon as they are ready.

Challenge 3 – 5 mins to create the longest snake of clay, but it must not be stuck to the table…

IMG_2970 IMG_2969 IMG_2973

Challenge 4 – 2mins to turn your snake into a snail 🙂
Challenge 5 – make the snail into a pot…. (skill development)

Challenge 6 – pinch pot then pack up the clay 🙂

this is a fun session and the students are always super engaged and on task and it’s a great way to ensure they have the skills before going onto a project. you can add or remove challenges to suit different grades too. I sometimes have them build a tall structure, or make a pancake etc.

IMG_2968 IMG_2964

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We are on the web yay happy dance :)

Well we are finally bringing the art room onto the web. It is my challenge to incorporate a lot more ICT into my Visual Art program so here we are. Please be patient as I work out exactly how to do things 🙂 There will be lots of amazing art works appearing here soon so keep posted.

The art program is aimed to include painting, clay modeling, printing, textiles, drawing, design, photography, collage, artist appreciation and lots more. There is always something cool happening in the art room 🙂

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