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Dragon Body Project Update

Welcome back to the start of Term 4 and what a busy term it’s shaping up to be. We have the Arts Extravaganza coming up in a few weeks and the Chinese Dragon Body project is well underway. The 3-6 students have all begun working on their actual panels, making their own choices about what techniques and materials they would like to use. So far we have panels being painted, sewn, drawn, embroidered, coloured and combinations of all of the above.

The Prep – 2 students have all been designing their panels and are starting to work on the actual panels in the next couple of weeks. Preps have decorated a fan shape which they will then paint and draw on their panels. The 1-2 students focused on the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals and i can’t wait to see them when they are finished.

It’s going to be a gorgeously, colourful dragon 🙂

At this stage we are planning for all of the panels to be completed by the end of the year ready for sewing into the actual body over the holidays.

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Grade 1/2S Dragon designs

Photographer – Hayley

Reporter – Stella M


Eliza is doing a Chinese Mermaid for her Chinese Dragon body panel. She is using green, blue, red, yellow and purple to decorate it. The tail is going to be green.

Eboni is doing the same as Tamsyn. It’s a giant branch because she likes the colour green. I think it might be bamboo because pandas eat bamboo.

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Chinese Dragon Body Panels 3/4H Interviews

Ella F

Ella is doing a Chinese blossom growing out of a Chinese vase with yin yang symbol and Chinese blossom character.


Hayley M

Hayley is doing a Chinese number 2 character. And she is putting couler and patterns in to her work.



Bella is doing a blossom tree with a sun set back gound she has put a lot of work into

Her blossom tree.


By Amiel

Photographer – Ebony


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