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Arts Extravaganza

Well better late than never, but wow the Arts Extravaganza was fantastic. We received so many positive comments from our audience. The Art Show looked amazing, with many thanks to my helpers Jackie and Sally. It was a long day setting it up but it was worth it in the end. Every student had at least one piece of work on display and it was great to see students pointing out their artworks to their families and friends. We even had a visiting artist comment on the quality of the artworks “These artworks could hang in any gallery in the world” fantastic feedback.

If you missed it here are some photos of the Art Show. A big and belated congratulations to all the performers and staff who made our Arts Extravaganza extraordinary. So many talented students 🙂 Well done everyone.

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Arts Extravaganza


Today a team of helpers (thanks Sally, Kerry and Janet your help was very much appreciated) and myself set up the art display for the Arts Extravaganza tomorrow and i have to say….. it looks amazing. The display features at least one artwork by every single student in the school, there are well over 300 artworks on show.

The artworks showcase a variety of art forms including clay, painting, weaving and collage, as well as explore a selection of artists and styles like Van Gogh, Andy Warhol (Pop Art), Klimt, Kandinsky, Henri Rousseau, graffiti and Anime. It is an explosion of colour and texture and showcases how amazing our budding artists are.

I hope that many of you can come and see our exhibition and watch our talented students performing in the circus, band and choirs, but for those of you who can’t please enjoy some pictures of the display here. 🙂

IMG_5064 IMG_5065 IMG_5063 IMG_5060 IMG_5059 IMG_5058 IMG_5057 IMG_5056 IMG_5054IMG_5066 IMG_5062 IMG_5061IMG_5066


Welcome back to Term 4

Well all I can say is that this year is absolutely flying. I have really enjoyed being in a new school and working with lots of students. 🙂 and now we only have 11 weeks till the end of the year and a very busy term it’s shaping up to be. Of course we will be doing lots of making and appreciating, with a focus on modeling and textiles but we also have our Arts Extravaganza and the Ararat Show to think about too.

This term i’m planning on setting up a school art display at the Ararat Show as well as showcasing some of our talent with entries into the judged sections. Now it’s the tough job of choosing who’s artwork for what 🙂 luckily I have a student team of helpers.

With the year 6s getting ready to graduate it’s also time to start thinking about a legacy project that they will complete for the school. Stay tuned to find out more 🙂

In week 5 we have the Arts Extravaganza a display and performance showcasing the talent of our students. Each student will have a piece of art displayed as part of this event. Let the choosing and set up begin…..

The school sustainability group the Earthlings will also be getting arty this term, creating a funky new garden bed using recycled tires. Will it be a caterpillar or a dragon.. you’ll just have to wait and see but one thing is for sure it will be bright and colourful.

So welcome back everyone and get ready to create, enjoy and play 🙂

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Year of the Horse Canvases 5/6H

IMG_2326In the past weeks the students in 5/6S have been learning how to draw and design their own horse. First we started off by drawing in our books then designing them onto a canvas.  Some of us had never drawn a horse before so we had a go trying our own ideas first.  We could only use black and red and white for the background. In term 4 we will be having an arts extravaganza and all of the drawings would be shown on display. Tegan-  My work was very hard to do because I didn’t know how to draw a horse but in the end I got it.  Annika-  I think all the canvases all together will look really cool because they are all the same colors. In the end everyone had fun and we were excited that we were finished.

– Annika & Tegan

IMG_2328 IMG_2342

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5/6H Year of the Horse canvas paintings

This term we have been working on painting little horses on small canvases. The colours that we were allowed to use include; blue, but only by itself, red and black. We were allowed to use red and black together on the canvas. You could write the character for horse in Chinese, [ma] on the canvas or the pinyin ma. You could also write ‘year of the horse’ or 2014 on the canvas as well as the picture of your horse. At the start we drew lots of pictures of horses on a piece of paper and the next week we chose which horse we liked best and drew it on a canvas. Then we painted it with the colours allowed and perfected it. We have had a great time doing this and we hope that the students, parents and teachers like the display at the Arts Extravaganza.

By Grace Calvird and Matilda Hope

IMG_2306 IMG_2309

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Year of the horse 5/6H

In term 3 this week we are focusing on drawing Chinese horses. After we practice drawing our horses we are going to paint them on a mini canvas. We are hoping to present them at the town hall on at the arts extravaganza this year. We all are very excited about showing our artwork to every one.

By Kate and Maddy

.IMG_2137 IMG_2140


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