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Ararat Show Results


Congratulations to the following students who had artwork entered in the Ararat Show. We had an amazing display of artwork and the sections looked great. The committee were impressed with the variety of artwork and talents shown by our students.

1st Place

Jessie Murphy – Prep 1, 2 section

Erin Peter – Grade 5 & 6 section


2nd Place

Eli O’Neill – Prep, 1, 2 section

Jack Manning – Grade 3 & 4 section


Highly Commended

Mackenzie Johnson – Prep, 1, 2 section

Phoebe Segedinski – Prep, 1, 2 section

Makayla Young – Prep, 1, 2 section

Abby Shay – Grade 3 & 4 section

Lachie Cranstoun – Grade 3 & 4 section

Rhylan Interlandi – Grade 3 & 4 section

Dakota Barrie – Grade 5 & 6 section

Bailey Pennycad – Grade 5 & 6 section


Special Mention to the following students

Shontai Richards PD      Dante Plunkett Prassopoulos PD

Poppy Toner PD     Levi Wilson PD

Sarona Melenhorst PD  Isobel Leggett 1/2C

Miah Townsend 1/2C   Pat Toner 1/2C

Ellie Dawson 1/2H         Emmett Murphy 1/2S

Gio McKinnis 1/2S         Sylvan Day 1/2S

Charlie McAuliffe 1/2TJ         Regan Price 1/2TJ

Tyson Vermeend 1/2TJ         Chelsea Bond 3/4FP

J.W. 3/4FP      Zafira D.H 3/4FP

Crystal Thomas 3/4FP  Holly Bowden 3/4FP

Ethan Fenn 3/4H   Emily Sheffield 5/6C

Holly McAdie 5/6C         Lucy Harwood 5/6C

Matilda Cranstoun 5/6D

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Week 3 wrap up

Wow! what a busy term so far and not even halfway yet.

The last week i had my team of dedicated helpers Dallas, Maddi and Nikita get all the art work prepared for the Ararat Show and it made for a bright and eye catching display

A big congratulations to Jameela and Jessi who both won their sections> Jameela with her anime portrait and Jessi with her magic drawing. Amelia also received an Honorable Mention for her clay cat and Jameela an Honorable Mention for her dragon zentangle.

IMG_3401IMG_3402IMG_3403 IMG_3404

we had a group of students involved in a special project for Children’s week but i’ll put that in a separate post 🙂 it’s fantastic

And in the everyday Art stuff we are currently exploring clay and sewing techniques. Check out the slide shows to see what the students have been up to. Grade 1/2 have done a particularly great job using colorful wool to sew running stitch on hessian. Grade 3/4 are learning how to blanket stitch.

Preps had fun making Pinch Pots from clay which will be painted and glossed in a couple of weeks and the grade 5/6s enjoyed modeling characters using the techniques they’d learnt in the clay challenge sessions.

Last week in 5/6S we got to make characters out of clay.We made things like Benson, bananas, snowman and many more.In a couple of weeks we will paint our clay models.And take them home.

From Stephy,Tegan,Bree and Dallas


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Ararat Show

We are currently preparing for the Ararat Show. So far there are 63 pieces of student work selected to be displayed and a few more to sort out as well. We have a fabulous team of grade 5/6 girls who have been working to prepare the works for display including, writing title cards, mounting the art and painting display boards. We’re very excited to have work entered this year and i’m looking forward to having a look at the display on Sunday 26th October at the Ararat Show.

There will definitely be photos to come after this event so stay tuned 🙂

Thanks to Dallas, Nikita, Amna and Maddi for all your help so far


Welcome back to Term 4

Well all I can say is that this year is absolutely flying. I have really enjoyed being in a new school and working with lots of students. 🙂 and now we only have 11 weeks till the end of the year and a very busy term it’s shaping up to be. Of course we will be doing lots of making and appreciating, with a focus on modeling and textiles but we also have our Arts Extravaganza and the Ararat Show to think about too.

This term i’m planning on setting up a school art display at the Ararat Show as well as showcasing some of our talent with entries into the judged sections. Now it’s the tough job of choosing who’s artwork for what 🙂 luckily I have a student team of helpers.

With the year 6s getting ready to graduate it’s also time to start thinking about a legacy project that they will complete for the school. Stay tuned to find out more 🙂

In week 5 we have the Arts Extravaganza a display and performance showcasing the talent of our students. Each student will have a piece of art displayed as part of this event. Let the choosing and set up begin…..

The school sustainability group the Earthlings will also be getting arty this term, creating a funky new garden bed using recycled tires. Will it be a caterpillar or a dragon.. you’ll just have to wait and see but one thing is for sure it will be bright and colourful.

So welcome back everyone and get ready to create, enjoy and play 🙂

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