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Pop Art with Grade 1/2T


Today we did Pop Art the colours  we chose were yellow,  blue,  green and red  I thought it was fun. – Sonny and Ryan

Today we used the paint to make a colourful square. If it was left plain it would be a boring piece of art. Jessi

I liked that Andy Warhol used lots of different colours on his tomato soup painting. He made a pattern with the soup tins.

I hadn’t heard about the artist Andy Warhol before.

I’m proud of my painting because I didn’t put too much paint on. – Arie

IMG_2425                            IMG_2427

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Pop Art 1/2S & 1/2FC


Today we started looking at Andy Warhol and Pop Art. We looked at the Campbells Tomato Soup artwork. Some of us liked it and some of us didn’t. We had a good discussion about it all though.

We are doing our own Pop artworks. Today we folded a square of paper so we had 4 sections, then we painted each square a different colour. Some of us tried mixing colours too.

Some thoughts on the art work

I didn’t like the tomato soup painting because it’s something you see everyday, soup. It’s not very exciting. I don’t know why you would want to make soup an artwork – Rhys

I liked it because I love tomato soup – Shelby


I liked it because I think he did his best on it and it looks really good. Looks real. He used lots of colours- Jed

I think he made them look real, they look like soup – Darcy

It would be a really easy art work to make because you could just copy them on the computer- Kaine


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