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Degas Exhibition

At the end of Term 3, 43 students and 10 adults made their way to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Degas Exhibition. We left on the bus at 8am and after a bit of a swap around were on our way.

When we arrived we were taken to a media room and got to watch a video on Edgar Degas and his life. Our students were really interested and did a great job answering questions.

Then it was onto the exhibition. Although it was really busy we represented the school well and enjoyed looking at the artworks. One of the favourite was the sculpture of Marie the little ballerina. Other favourites included the Bellini Family portrait and the ballerinas and horses.

We were provided with a yummy lunch and then we headed to the workshop to produce our own artworks inspired by Degas. The students used torn paper to create colourful collages of people in action. There were all sorts of people from swimmers, dancers, basketballers and even a bull rider.

We headed home after a big day. We had a lot of fun and it was such a good experience. A big thanks to the NGV and their patron who provided us the opportunity to attend this wonderful exhibition. We  really enjoyed our day.

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Our Sunset, My World


On the 23rd July our school participated in the Our Sunset, My World exhibition in Federation Square for the Have a Heart for Cambodia project. We had 2 beautiful artworks on display, with another being displayed at school. The efforts and enthusiasm of the students and school community was amazing to be a part of.

The first piece called ‘Patchwork Sunset’ was created with every student in the school doing a panel which was sewn together to form a quilt in the shape of a sunset. The similar theme across the design was that each panel had a sun on it. The designs ranged from something personal from each student to design on culture and history of Cambodia. The completed artwork is amazing and i am looking forward to displaying it in the school now it has returned.

The second artwork was made up of 2 large canvases and was completed by our school community as part of the school fete. We had lots of people contributing to the dot designs to form a world and a sunset. It was great to see so many people involved from younger and older siblings to parents and grandparents, The final result was pretty amazing and was sold at auction at the exhibition.

The final artwork which will be displayed at our school was the brainchild of Xavier and Zack and completed with a small group of students. It featured a child sized manneqin which was painted and completed to look half Australian and half Cambodia school student. It also held in it’s hands 2 paper mache balls of the sun and the earth. A very impressive artwork and the extra sessions at lunch and out of school hours shows through.

thumb_IMG_5537_1024 thumb_IMG_5538_1024

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Term 2

Welcome back or Bienvenue after a lovely trip to Paris for me. Lots of exciting things happening this term (some inspired by my Paris trip)

We are participating in the Hearts for Cambodia art show which will be held at Federation Square in Melbourne on the 23rd July. Our 3-6 students have been busy brainstorming ideas and planning designs on the theme of “Our Sunset, My World’ for our 3 collaborative pieces. Every student in the school will be involved in creating a small panel to form a large artwork for one of the pieces.

The last couple of weeks have seen us also trying to paint like an Impressionist and classes have been fun (and messy) with lots of experimenting with brushstrokes and French accents and words. This was inspired by my visit to Monet’s Garden in Giverny and the students are loving it!!! We will be creating a variety of artworks in the Impressionist style and also looking at artworks by Degas as the winter masterpieces exhibition will soon be at the Nation Gallery of Victoria.

This term will see the Preps completing their Prep Art Books ready to take home. They are currently enjoying learning about texture and creating texture bugs.

I’m looking forward to an another Art filled term.


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Hi Everyone, Thanks for following our learning in Art. We are having some difficulties uploading photos so I am working on this and hopefully it will all be sorted soon. Please check back in soon but in the meantime enjoy reading about our learning this term.

Leah Sharp

Visual Art

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Welcome Back 2016

Welcome back to 2016 everyone. We have lots of exciting things planned for Art this year. Firstly though a request for all students to have clearly named art smocks ready to go as soon as possible please. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy an old shirt is absolutely perfect. Thanks to everyone that already has theirs ready to go 🙂


Each week there will be a focus student in each class. For those in years 3 – 6 they will need to bring in an artwork of their choice to share on their day. The artwork can be something students have made or an artwork they have found in a book or on the internet. I will be putting up the focus student’s names on the board outside the art room. Well done to Flynn, Kaine, Izaiyah, Aria, Jaime and Xavier who have started us of so well.


We will be continuing with our Art Blog this year with students taking on the role of reporters and photographers to create our posts. These will also be displayed in an Art Journal near the front office. There will be new posts up shortly as I am trialling uploading at the end of the week with a post for each year level. I am very impressed with our grade 1/2 focus students learning statements this week. Well done Kyle, Kassie, Stella and Zabina.


Our first creations this year will be around self portraits and getting to know our new classmates. We will also be setting some goals for what we would like to achieve in the areas of drawing and painting. Years 3 – 6 will be exploring their portraits through the ‘selfie’ creating a fun display. The year 1-2 students will be exploring colour and looking at improving their work through use of feedback and drafts to paint their self portraits.


Prep students will begin to create their very special Prep Art Books. These focus on introducing basic skills and art concepts, such as primary and secondary colours. The Prep Art Books usually take a couple of terms to complete.

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Dan Tehan Christmas Card competition

News Update – A big congratulations to Scarlett in 1/2TJ whose gorgeous artwork was one of the 12 finalists. Scarlett artwork was chosen from over 200 artworks to make the top 12. Well done!!!!


Congratulations to all of our 1/2 students from 1/2TJ and 1/2C who had entries in the Dan Tehan Christmas Card competition. You can see them online here


some fabulous work 🙂

Well done everyone!!!!

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Prep M – Magic Carpets

We made Magic Carpets. We thought up lots of different types of lines and practised drawing them on the whiteboard. Then we had to draw them on our page with pastel. They went from one side to the other. After that we painted our page with watercolours.

Prep M

Photographer – Riley

thumb_IMG_0124_1024 thumb_IMG_0125_1024 thumb_IMG_0126_1024 thumb_IMG_0127_1024 thumb_IMG_0128_1024 thumb_IMG_0129_1024 thumb_IMG_0131_1024 thumb_IMG_0132_1024

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Arts Extravaganza

Well better late than never, but wow the Arts Extravaganza was fantastic. We received so many positive comments from our audience. The Art Show looked amazing, with many thanks to my helpers Jackie and Sally. It was a long day setting it up but it was worth it in the end. Every student had at least one piece of work on display and it was great to see students pointing out their artworks to their families and friends. We even had a visiting artist comment on the quality of the artworks “These artworks could hang in any gallery in the world” fantastic feedback.

If you missed it here are some photos of the Art Show. A big and belated congratulations to all the performers and staff who made our Arts Extravaganza extraordinary. So many talented students 🙂 Well done everyone.

thumb_IMG_0820_1024   thumb_IMG_0822_1024 thumb_IMG_0823_1024 thumb_IMG_0824_1024 thumb_IMG_0825_1024 thumb_IMG_0826_1024 thumb_IMG_0827_1024 thumb_IMG_0828_1024 thumb_IMG_0829_1024 thumb_IMG_0830_1024 thumb_IMG_0831_1024 thumb_IMG_0832_1024 thumb_IMG_0833_1024 thumb_IMG_0834_1024 thumb_IMG_0835_1024 thumb_IMG_0836_1024 thumb_IMG_0837_1024 thumb_IMG_0838_1024 thumb_IMG_0839_1024 thumb_IMG_0840_1024 thumb_IMG_0841_1024 thumb_IMG_0842_1024 thumb_IMG_0843_1024 thumb_IMG_0844_1024 thumb_IMG_0845_1024 thumb_IMG_0846_1024

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All That Glitters is not Gold – Children’s Week at Ararat Art Gallery

On Monday the 26th October, 26 students from Ararat 800 PS headed off to the Ararat Art Gallery to take part in the Children’s Week art activities. We got to work with local printmaker Anne Langdon to create fabric and paper prints. We had to think about something that was precious to us but not worth a lot of money. Some of us did pets, family and some of our favourite things like games and food. We drew a picture first and then we had to copy or trace our design onto foam. Anne showed us how to cover our foam with ink and copy this onto paper. The drawing on the foam came out as a white line on the paper and the background was coloured. We got to choose black, red, blue, green or gold ink. After we had printed our design on the fabric we got to use stamps and things to make a border. One was a potato cut up in a pattern.

Our fabric panel will go on display at the Ararat Art Gallery as part of an exhibition. Hopefully we get to go and see it.

We walked up to the Art Gallery and we were greeted by a lady named Wendy. They taught us how to do printing and the theme was Everything that Glitters Isn’t Gold. They got us to choose something that’s precious to us and draw it on a piece of paper and then on a piece of foam. After we drew it on the foam we rolled ink over it and printed it on a piece of paper. After we had a try on the paper we had a try on a piece of fabric. When we had printed it on the fabric we were allowed to do a border with stamps around it. When everyone was finished we headed back to school. I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again – Matilda.

The people who went to the workshop were

Grade 1/2 – Makayla, Connor R, Ellie, Chloe, Isobel, Phoebe, Miah, Emmett, Gio, Zoe and Jessie

Grade 3/4 – Zafira, Abby, Jack, Marcus, Ellouise, Sonny, Summer, Ashlyn and Hugh

Grade 5/6 – Matilda, Nikhita, Talia, Wyatt, Dakota and Talia


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Ararat Show Results


Congratulations to the following students who had artwork entered in the Ararat Show. We had an amazing display of artwork and the sections looked great. The committee were impressed with the variety of artwork and talents shown by our students.

1st Place

Jessie Murphy – Prep 1, 2 section

Erin Peter – Grade 5 & 6 section


2nd Place

Eli O’Neill – Prep, 1, 2 section

Jack Manning – Grade 3 & 4 section


Highly Commended

Mackenzie Johnson – Prep, 1, 2 section

Phoebe Segedinski – Prep, 1, 2 section

Makayla Young – Prep, 1, 2 section

Abby Shay – Grade 3 & 4 section

Lachie Cranstoun – Grade 3 & 4 section

Rhylan Interlandi – Grade 3 & 4 section

Dakota Barrie – Grade 5 & 6 section

Bailey Pennycad – Grade 5 & 6 section


Special Mention to the following students

Shontai Richards PD      Dante Plunkett Prassopoulos PD

Poppy Toner PD     Levi Wilson PD

Sarona Melenhorst PD  Isobel Leggett 1/2C

Miah Townsend 1/2C   Pat Toner 1/2C

Ellie Dawson 1/2H         Emmett Murphy 1/2S

Gio McKinnis 1/2S         Sylvan Day 1/2S

Charlie McAuliffe 1/2TJ         Regan Price 1/2TJ

Tyson Vermeend 1/2TJ         Chelsea Bond 3/4FP

J.W. 3/4FP      Zafira D.H 3/4FP

Crystal Thomas 3/4FP  Holly Bowden 3/4FP

Ethan Fenn 3/4H   Emily Sheffield 5/6C

Holly McAdie 5/6C         Lucy Harwood 5/6C

Matilda Cranstoun 5/6D

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