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Preps online

Here is our first online post for Prep S. We had lots of fun working on our texture bugs. Texture is the way that things feel. We watched a funny video with a singing cactus. We have put patterns on our bugs too.

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Prep D Painting reflections

I did a wonderful painting today. I used pink and blue and orange. – Chloe

We painted our bowls we made last week. – Hugh

I mixed colours and made pretty colours. I made pink, green and blue and orange and light blue. – Sarona

I put spots on my clay pot. I put dark blue in the middle and I did the whole outside dark brown. – Cokey

 I was painting my pot I mixed colours on the tray. – Neve

Today I used pink, blue, green and skin colour to paint my pot. – Shontai

 I painted my pot blue. I mixed white and yellow too. – Tilly

I used lots of colours on my pot and painted in patterns. I used pink, blue and red. – Lacey

I painted my clay. I mixed red and white to make pink. I used blue and green and I had fun. – Poppy

I painted my clay in blue because it is a nice colour. I mixed different colours like orange, light blue, grey but I didn’t use them.– Ruby

I was painting my clay in aqua. I mixed yellow, blue and white to make it. I used the dark blue, black and red. – Dante

I made blue, silver, and put some spots and lines on my clay. – Levi

 I mixed up blue and yellow to make green but it was a bit dark brown. – Cayden

I painted the bottom of my clay red and polka dot and pink. – Banjo

I painted my pot and I made light brown and very dark purple and a nice light red. – Miami

I used blue on the bottom and on the top I used yellow and blue. – Dakota



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Prep Clay Reflections


We made a cup but we can’t put water in them. – Larni


I mixed grey, green, light green and some other colours to paint my clay – Riley


I made a little cup and I painted it with different colours and I mixed some colours up. I used gold, black and red. – Niya


I made different colours and I painted with them. I made pink with red and white and I made green with blue, yellow and white and I made another colour – Ella


I am proud of how I mixed colours together. Miss Sharp helped me put red dots on my cup.– Jai


I mixed up colours to make grey and brown. I also mixed yellow and blue to make green – Kade


I mixed some green for the inside of my bowl and brown for the bottom. I maybe did a few zigzags and dots too. – Archer


I used dark blue and yellow and white. – Jordan.


I put blue on the bottom and black on the inside of my cup. – Jye


I tried to make green and I made pink and light blue to decorate my bowl – Acacia


I mixed some colours to make blue and I mixed white and blue and it made light blue. – Emma


I mixed red and blue and it made purple. I used it to paint my bowl. – Indi


I liked making a bowl in clay. I mixed light blue and yellow to paint it. – Nadia


I mixed colours and I made grey and also I mixed yellow, light pink and that made a different kind of pink to just mixing white and red. – Mackenzie


I really liked making things with clay – Madi.

thumb_IMG_4833_1024 thumb_IMG_4834_1024 thumb_IMG_4836_1024 thumb_IMG_4837_1024 thumb_IMG_4838_1024

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Prep Paper Sculptures

Preps had a lot of fun making these paper sculptures. They explored and learnt how to do a few different paper techniques, including, fan folding, curling and fringing. Some of them had an idea in mind about what their sculpture was and others enjoyed just making it. The look fantastic and very colourful.

thumb_IMG_4748_1024 thumb_IMG_4747_1024 thumb_IMG_4746_1024


How To Draw a Snowman – Directions by Prep D

These were the instructions I had to follow to demonstrate drawing a snowman with the grades. They basically explained and instructed me the whole way through. This is their words ….(they were very exasperated with me not knowing what to do lol)

  1. you need to do 3 circles a small one, a medium one and a big one. The big one is at the bottom of the page and the other stack up with the small at the top.
  2. Next he needs circle eyes about halfway down the smallest circle.
  3. A carrot nose, that’s a triangle shape.
  4. Do lots of circles for the mouth but not in a straight line needs to curve so he’s smiling.
  5. Stick arms
  6. We had a bit of discussion about whether or not hair or a hat was the best option – solved this one by suggesting students could do whichever they preferred.
  7. 2 circles for buttons in the middle of the medium circle.

After the instructions on drawing the preps did their own snowmen and coloured them using oil pastels ready to put a wash over them next session. Lots of beautiful, unique and colourful snowmen were created.

thumb_IMG_4741_1024 thumb_IMG_4742_1024 thumb_IMG_4743_1024 thumb_IMG_4744_1024 thumb_IMG_4745_1024

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PREP ART – Water Week Posters

thumb_IMG_0535_1024 thumb_IMG_0536_1024 thumb_IMG_0537_1024

Reporter – Cayden

Focus – Cokey

Photographer – Lachie

I was reporting on the grade in Art. I asked them some questions. I asked Tilly if she could do her outside a little bit wider. I said to Miami she could draw a net in flowers and a little circle. Banjo was doing a kind of heater in his drawing it was in his plants. The class were doing water pictures about why water is important. We found out lots of things need water to stay healthy and survive. We made posters for Water Week. – Cayden

 My picture was about the beach in Portland and I put the sun and a seal and a seagull and I did the sea and sky and the grey road where they park. I am proud of my sun because I stayed in the lines. – Cokey.

thumb_IMG_0539_1024 thumb_IMG_0533_1024


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Things we like to do in Art;
Painting – Dakotah, Poppy
Painting different colours – Dante
Learning the Primary colours – Cayden
I love Painting – Miami
I liked painting the butterflies blotters with secondary colours – Banjo
Drawing – Sarona
I liked painting a picture of the beach – Cokey

Today in Art;
I painted a picture of my Mum – Dakotah
I painted butterflies using red, blue, yellow, green and purple – Tilly
I painted my Mum – Lacey
I coloured in with all the rainbow colours and shades – Banjo
I was making a sky that was beautiful and a waterfall and a sunflower and a rainbow and a fairy also. – Sarona
I used all different colours. I used red, blue, green, pink and purple – Hugh
I made the beach – Poppy
I made a flower and a rainbow – Chloe
I drew the main zone in the Batman’s cave – Cayden

IMG_4072 IMG_4071 IMG_4069


Week 8 Sewing highlights

IMG_3631Grade 1/2FC sewing

1/2FC has been sewing borders around  hessian . When 1/2FC finished it they got to sew a picture in the middle. We had to draw the picture first. Everyone  did a good  job of their sewing. I (Wilbur) did an X on my hessian. I (Jed) did a picture of a guy on a skateboard on mine. It’s good to learn sewing because if your clothes or things rip you can sew them back up.

Jed and Wilbur

IMG_3589 IMG_3590 IMG_3625 IMG_3624 IMG_3630 IMG_3629 IMG_3628 IMG_3592

Grade 3/4M Sewing

3/4M has been doing sewing in art. We all have made own cushions in art. I (Louise) have made an L shaped cushion. It looks great! Hayley and Ella have made a star. They all so look great! Some of us have decorated their cushions with colorful felt.

By Louise, Hayley and Ella!!

IMG_3642 IMG_3643

Prep D Sewing

Prep D have been sewing using a mesh fabric and wool with plastic needles. For the first time at sewing they are super fabulous. We have had a few of our grad 6 students come in to help with tying knots and helping them to get started, it’s so good to have the extra help and it helps their skills improve by teaching others. Love to have mixed and multi age sessions in Art really gives a whole new perspective on things. The mesh squares looked quite good with Prep students sewing around the edges to make squares and fill up the space. Check out the photos of Indi and Phoebe’s work our very own prep sewing superstars.  🙂

IMG_3641 IMG_3640 IMG_3635


Prep Printing Art

We introduced the idea of printing today using milk bottle lids as our stamp. It was interesting to hear the definitions that the students had of printing before we started. Most told me how you put a picture into a machine and it comes out the other side the same. A few said you can print from a computer too. It was a good start because we knew that printing means you can copy an image.

The first step for the students was to brush paint onto their lids, they experimented to find that you could get as many as four prints from the one application of paint. As they are working on being their own teacher and visible learners I encourage them to try out ideas and see what works for them.

It was a very successful session printing onto paper plates with 4 colours (red, blue, fluro yellow and black) which will then become clowns next week.

IMG_2788 IMG_2794 IMG_2795 IMG_2805


Prep Sculpture Fun

IMG_2549 IMG_2551

On an already exciting and interesting day, book week character dress up day 🙂 the Prep students from PD were very excited. It’s a joy to look out on all the characters I had in class today including several super heroes, princesses, a doctor, Harry Potter, dinosaurs fairies and many others.

We had just finished working with our buddy groups and were ready for art. We started off by cutting paper into strips some long and some short then we had a go at trying different folds, cuts and ways of attaching the strips to a cardboard base. Some students managed to twirl, curl, twist and fan fold their strips to create very unique sculptures.

Its an interesting process some of the preps find it hard to not make ‘anything in particular’ with many wanting it to be a vehicle, scene or character. Some really enjoyed just letting it evolve and develop in its own way.

I like this activity because it gives students the chance to try out some new skills and allows them to achieve at their own level no matter where they are in their learning.

It was a popular activity the Preps really enjoyed. 🙂



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