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5/6 Art – Week 7 – Term 1


Today I chose an artwork by Caravaggio. It was of a man getting his head decapitated. I chose it because I thought it was interesting and I like stuff like that. Her servant looked a bit creepy. It was old and dark. It was painted in 1599 – 1610. I found it in a book on Rubens and the Italian Renaissance. I have been working on a selfie, I learnt to do drafts just like we do in writing and then do the real thing. I improved my listening on the floor. I liked being a focus student because I got to sit up the front on a chair. Jack (focus Student)


Today in art jack showed us a hobble artwork that I didn’t like and then everyone started gong off to finish there selfie artworks mines looks awesome and then some of us started working on a art competition. Ariana D


Photographer – Jenae





Today J.W showed us some artwork on his computer. There was one that was a 3d chalk drawing on the ground. Another one which was a lego sculpture. The third one was of two people drawn massively in the sand at a beach.  Today for our first task, we are finishing off our selfies. Then we will be going on to make our I use my brain to posters. Some examples of that is reading, writing and talking.

Reporter- Zafirah D-H


In art I have improved my sketching by drawing more often. Erin gave me feedback, she said “it’s good but maybe you should press a bit harder and shade a bit softer” so that it didn’t end up with lines through it. I did a mustang drawing at home that I’m really happy with because it looks better since I’ve practiced. My selfie looked good I took my time and I tried to make it look like me it sort of does and sort of doesn’t. I chose 3 pictures to share a chalk drawing of a shark that looks 3D, a lego sculpture called ‘The Surgery’ and a sand drawing. I chose them because they look really realistic and they are interesting. J.W. (Focus Student)


Photographer – Amber



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5/6 Weekly Art Sessions


I talked to Thomas on noise levels he rated himself as 3 Formal Normal. He also gave himself a 3/5 for where he is up to with his selfie. He’s drawn himself but still has to do the background. Lately we have been working on our selfies. Jai was the focus student today and he shared some pixel art he had been working on. Making our selfies has been enjoyable and when we have all finished our selfies we are going to hang them up and see who can guess whose selfie is whose. Angus (Reporter)


I shared pixel art that I made in Minecraft. I made a boat and a car, they had 3 layers each, usually you only use one layer. It took me an 1 and a half hours to do the boat and half an hour to do the car. I got better at drawing my body when I was doing the selfie. I drew a picture of me standing by the Eiffel Tower. I did a detailed Eiffel Tower by looking up a picture to get ideas from. Jai DH (Focus Student)


Photographer – Ashley



Jess said the hardest thing was to draw the lips.

Koopa said the hardest to draw was the arms.

Jack was happy with how he drew his head, body and arms.

Flynn liked how he did his background by mixing different colours together.

Matthew was happy with how he did a waterfall and rocks in the background of his selfie.

Bailey (Reporter)


I have improved my drawings and art skills by practising. I’m proud of my proud of my portrait because I have put a lot of effort into it. The best part of it is how I personalised the outside of my phone. The hardest part to do was the face, especially the eyes and the lips. I did get better drawing them from my first draft. I chose a painting of a girl with a fan by Renoir. I liked it because it was detailed and I liked the colours. I also liked the way she was standing and looking. She looked happy. Cherysh (Focus Student)


Photographer – Matthew




I interviewed Sruthi today and she said that the lips and the eyes were the hardest part of drawing her selfie. Then she said that the easiest part of drawing the selfie was the bridge behind her. Her favourite part of drawing the selfie was getting the body shape and all the details right on her self.

By Lucy h (Reporter)


I’ve learnt that shading things differently can make things look realistic. I’ve tried to do this on my selfie. The hardest part of my selfie was probably the eyes and the lips because they are really fine and little and hard to draw. I’m really proud of the effort I’ve put in and how good it looks. Today I shared a charcoal drawing done by a friend of my Mums. I chose it because It had a lot of detail in it and how much effort she put into it when she was young. It was about a lioness who got hurt and a lady who came to try and help the lioness mend her paw. I liked being the focus student and when people asked me questions about the artwork and how much they loved it. Arianna ( Focus Student)


Photographer –  Crystal

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5/6 Selfies


What we are doing in art is we are drawing self portraits of ourselves. We have to include a back ground ourselves and colour. On my portrait I’ve chosen a back ground that has a basket ball ring a football goals. I learnt that some parts of shading are lighter than other parts. The medium in the art work was paint. The paint was very detailed but it wasn’t a exact replica of the man himself.

By Logan C (Reporter)


Today I was the art focus student and had to show the class an artwork. I showed the class a painting of a banker smoking a cigar it was really fun and cool. later I worked on my selfie and learnt how to mix and shade different shades of colours I also learnt how to look at something and draw the exact same thing on a sheet of paper art was really fun

By Erin (Focus Student)


Photographer – Charlotte


what are we doing in art today we are working on our selfies today again we are getting there and they are looking really good. We where learning how to shade we tried to shade on the face. There are many different types of faces so there was many different places to shade there was also different types of backgrounds such as in holly wood and and on farms and in town up the street and even some simple backgrounds I am loving art in 2016 I cant wait for more.


There many people concentrating and working really hard keep up the good work 5/6c


Reporter: Tori W

Photographer: Bella B




Today I presented my cousin’s artwork and I showed my class her gemstone characters for her latest book. I chose this because I thought they looked really interesting and colourful. They were made up me, my friends and some fused together. I think getting the eyes to look realistic will be the hardest part of my selfie.

Gretta (Focus Student)


In Art we are doing Selfies! We are drawing our faces. We are starting with rough drafts and we’ll put our face on the iPhone. We will write our goals on the other iPhone. When we have finished a draft we get feedback on how to make it better.

Leo (Reporter)


Photographer – Milly


In art we are working on selfie drawings! Of yourself you have to memorise how you look and draw it onto a paper phones. We will see how close we get to getting it to look just like us in the past.  Bailey brought a drawing image of a butterfly and a wolf to share as the focus student. J.W (Reporter)


I feel excited to be able to draw my portrait and learn new skills to be able to sketch better. I’ve shaded and started on the good copy of my self portrait. I think I’m getting the shapes right and I’m staying on task. I shared my wolf and butterfly drawings. I chose them because I liked the techniques I used on them. Bailey (Focus Student)


Photographer – Kiera

thumb_IMG_0543_1024 thumb_IMG_0541_1024 thumb_IMG_0539_1024 thumb_IMG_0537_1024 thumb_IMG_0534_1024 thumb_IMG_0533_1024 thumb_IMG_0532_1024 thumb_IMG_0531_1024

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5/6 ‘selfies’


Today we are drawing a picture of ourselves. It is really fun and is a great idea because we can give each other feedback about our pictures so we can make it better. We can also learn how to draw things that are hard to draw. This is really fun and I love drawing, so it is a great idea. Tori R (Reporter)


I think that I improved your self portrait from my first draft to my sixth draft. I improved on the size, the arms and not having much detail in the first one. I changed just 2 lines that were arms to look like proper arms. My face improved so I had more than 2 dots for eyes which I changed into more of an oval shape.  I’m going to start my good copy selfie next week. Thomas (Focus Student)

Photographer – Marcus


we are are drawing selfies we can make them look however we want as long as it has us in it we can chose our background. We give each other feedback to improve the picture we are allowed to do as many drafts as we want when we have finished we are going to put them in the foyer and people have to guess which person is in the picture.

Jess.H .(Reporter)

I don’t think I am the best at Art but I have improved on drawing my own head. I think I have got the shape better now. I’m happy with how I am trying to focus in Art and not getting distracted. I learnt that it’s not easy to choose a painting to share with the class. The one o chose no-one liked because it was violent and wasn’t a picture they would like to put on their wall. It was called ‘The Blinding of Sampson’ by Rembrandt. It was detailed but it wasn’t very colourful and I would have liked something with trees and water too. Tyson ( Focus Student)

Photographer – Tamika

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Year 5/6 Art – a week in reflection


In Art 5/6C are drawing selfies. We have to make our drawing realistic and make it look as good as possible! We are also writing our goals into text messages. My goal is to try and draw noses so they look real and good. I think we are going really well and I am enjoying this activity Ella F (Reporter)

 Photographer – Caleb

Today I learnt about pointillism because I chose a painting to share that used it. I picked ‘The Circus’ by Georges Seurat. I chose it because it had a horse and looked textured. I learnt that I am not very good at drawing eyes on people or dogs and I like drawing myself. My selfie is a drawing of me and my dog at my house.

Aria (Focus Student)


today in art we are drawing self portraits. We drew them on the back of our paper first. I am drawing myself and my friend with a rolercoaster in the back round. I learnt how to draw my hair so it looks realistic. We’re going to put our selfies on display and see if people can work out who everyone is in the class. Bella (Reporter)

I was drafting some pictures and sketching. Then I had to scale it down so that is could all fit in the picture. I chose an artwork by Renoir and I chose it because it looked like a billabong or somewhere you might find in Australia. Flynn (Focus Student)

Photographer – Matthew


Today we are drawing in a pitcher I phone we are drawing our selfies, or people with us, or things with us. Miss Sharp gave us the idea of doing this because Xavier showed us a picture and we are trying to show what people look like when they use a iPhone and take a photo of ourselves.  We are making a draft first. by Crystal (Reporter)

My learning today has been good. I’ve learnt that you can see what people are thinking in their artworks and make up stories. I am drawing my selfie. The hardest part is getting the outline shapes and where the arm goes out right on my drawing. I am proud of how well I am listening and doing what I need to. I felt good being the focus student because I like to draw and I got to today. Xavier (Focus Student)

Photographer – Bailey

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Dragon Body Panels Interviews

Hello everyone, just wanted to share some interviews some of the grade 5/6 students did on Monday playing with the whole reflecting on artworks and sharing their designs. Hope you enjoy them! There are 2 interviews the first via YouTube


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thumb_IMG_0501_1024 thumb_IMG_0486_1024

In art the grade 5/6’s have been making tessellations. It was exciting when we started to make them… but also very hard because when we got the square we didn’t know what it was for! In the process of making these, we had to work very carefully. The drawing and cutting out was the hardest. The easiest was at the start where we got to make the actual thing, we wrote part then turned it into trap. At the end they look AMAZING!! All of the colours combined look brilliant.

 -Written By: Abbie Bligh

-Photographer: Amelia Greene

thumb_IMG_0558_1024 thumb_IMG_0555_1024 thumb_IMG_0521_1024

How to make tessellations

  1. cut out a square 7cm x 7cm
  2. write PART one letter in each corner (P top L, A top R, R bottom L and T bottom R)
  3. draw a simple line from left to right across the square
  4. draw a bit more of a spiky or curvy line top to bottom of the square
  5. cut out the lines you have drawn.
  6. Arrange the 4 pieces so when put together the letters spell TRAP and sticky tape to make your template.
  7. Trace around your template 16 times using 2, 3 or 4 different colours
  8. Cut carefully around all of your traced shapes.
  9. Arrange on a white piece of paper

thumb_IMG_0513_1024 thumb_IMG_0512_1024 thumb_IMG_0498_1024 thumb_IMG_0497_1024

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Blog Post 5/6D

thumb_IMG_0498_1024 thumb_IMG_0501_1024

In art 5/6’s are working on tessellations and are going really well. We started to finish them off and they looked really good. All the different patterns look great and so do the colours. You could have 2-4 colours. I chose to have three colours so I had blue purple and yellow. We had to have 16 shapes all together. I had 5 blue 5 yellow and 6 purple. We basically had to do a grid out of the shapes we made. I started off with blue then purple and yellow. If I started off with purple it would have been more even because there was more of purple than any other colour. I was one of the experts in 5/6 D along with Cody, Jessica and Erin. We walked down to the art gallery on a Tuesday and then started. Once we had finished our sheets got collected and we were told what they were going to do with them. Cody, Jessica, Erin and I were very proud that our tessellations were going to be sent to America and then they would be turned into squares of fabric and there would be two copies of the squares. One would be put into a quilt of all the tessellations and the other square would be sent back to us. I really enjoyed going to the art gallery and was proud to be chosen I also really enjoyed doing it at school. I think everyone enjoyed it as well. Thankyou.

By Olivia McG 5/6 D.

Photographer – Dakota


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Interviews with Grade 5/6S

Hi its reporter Matilda here with two exclusive interviews from two 5/6 students in the middle of their cardboard name sculptures here’s my first interview with Zane.

How is your project going?


How much more do you have to do?

A little more. I have to cut and color some cardboard knobs

Is it fun and do you like the project?

It’s pretty fun I like the idea


I hope you liked that now onto our second interview with Louise.


How is your work going?


How much more do you have to do?

A bit more I have to put some more paper on the sides.

Is it fun and do you like the idea?

I like it its fun.


So there you have it folks. Photos by Kiara (to follow)

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Reflecting on Recreating a Masterpiece

Hello my name is Joel this week in art we have been doing photography. We had to get a famous picture or painting and recreate it with tools and specific materials. Baily and I recreated a painting named ‘ The Oarsmen’ painted by Gustave Caillebotte. Here is the painting below. It is based on ‘ The Floor Scrapers. The Europe Bridge Paris, a rainy day ‘

By Joel 5/6K

IMG_3866 IMG_0019


         Feeling: I felt stupid.

         Painting: I did the Mona Lisa.      

         Improvement: clothes.

       Worked with: I worked with Tom and Cody.


Jai’s Feeling: I felt weird.

       Painting: I did a self-portrait of Vincent van go

       Improvement: Background.

       Worked with: Connor and Logan I


Caleb’s: feelings: I felt good.

Painting: Not sure of the name of it.

Improvement: better scene

Worked with: Oscar


Connor’s: feelings: I good, happy and great

Improvement: being there and not absent when we took the photos

Painting: Vincent van go

Worked with: Jai and Logan I




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