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Winter Trees

thumb_IMG_0432_1024 thumb_IMG_0431_1024


We are creating winter trees. They look a bit scary. They look like the sort you see when you wake up at night the shadows you see though the window that scratch at the window like they’re going to get you.

We thought about trees I worked out that you can make a tree shape with your hands.

We are using charcoal to make the background it is very messy. Jaime’s tree looked like a very good tree because the branches weren’t straight and they were wiggly. The moon was behind the tree and it looked really good.

I learnt that you have to be very careful not to wreck your tree. If you do it without using a greylead you might have to do it again.

Sativah 3/4B

Photographer – Arie


3/4FP Winter Trees

thumb_IMG_0467_1024 thumb_IMG_0447_1024

In the 3/4 area we have been shading backgrounds of paper and putting a moon in, because we are going to put a tree in and try to shade it with charcoal. A great example was Miss Sharp’s which looked like it was from a scary movie with the moon shining behind the tree. Other people have been going for a less scary look. I’m going to try and make mine look scary. It’s kind of funny how the colour choices and shading can make it look scary. If it had a blue background and green tree it would look awesome but it wouldn’t look scary. This is our first time this year using charcoal. Charcoal is fun, smudgy and puts together effective artworks.

Lachie 3/4FP

Photographer Darcy

thumb_IMG_0479_1024 thumb_IMG_0477_1024 thumb_IMG_0469_1024 thumb_IMG_0468_1024

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3/4 Optical Illusions – MC Escher





we really liked looking at art work by MC Escher it was weird but cool. Lots of detail. We are starting to think about more than what we can see… like what’s behind the doors. This artwork looks like it doesn’t have gravity to it.
Another artwork we liked by MC Escher was the hands drawing hands they look real. It’s interesting he does lots of black and white artworks.
We also watched a scene from a movie called Labyrinth where they were inspired by the impossible stairs artwork and some of us saw it in Night At the Museum 3. It was an interesting film clip even if it was old. Some of us have seen it before and really like it.
We’re having lots of fun with Op Art!
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Grade 3/4 Op Art

We are having fun learning about Op Art. It’s short for Optical Art. We watched a video to find out more about it. We would like to share it here so you can find out more about it too.

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Art Review by Bailey

Can you guess this artwork. Picture to follow soon.

I like the artwork because it’s got a lot of colours. It’s got lots of different shapes too. I think it’s been painted maybe on paper. It’s a picture of a jungle. There are lots of fruit, a bird or parrot and some monkeys hiding in the trees. I don’t know if the monkeys would throw fruit at you if you visited. It’s an interesting picture with lots on it.

Bailey 3/4


Can you guess the artwork based on this review? Thanks Bailey

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Chinese Dragon Body Panels 3/4H Interviews

Ella F

Ella is doing a Chinese blossom growing out of a Chinese vase with yin yang symbol and Chinese blossom character.


Hayley M

Hayley is doing a Chinese number 2 character. And she is putting couler and patterns in to her work.



Bella is doing a blossom tree with a sun set back gound she has put a lot of work into

Her blossom tree.


By Amiel

Photographer – Ebony


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Bookmarks with Grade 3/4FP

IMG_0133           IMG_0140

We are making bookmarks for the 150th Anniversary of the School at Ararat 800 Primary School. Mrs. Molan is going to pick the best bookmark and make copies of them for the market and celebrations.

We have started doing star and step. It is when you say something good about someone’s artwork and something they could improve. I think I’ve done a good job and the same as everyone else.

By Adam, Lachie, Jacob and Jim

Photographer – Chelsea

IMG_0141         IMG_0137

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3/4B & 3/4FP Sculptures

In art we are doing faces sculptures and we love doing it and some are up to painting and printing. This is so much fun. We got a piece of foam and had to divide into 3 sections. Then we had to choose 3 colours and paint it. After we painted it we started printing circles using texta lids with bright colours. That’s all we’ve done so far. Next week we will start making the faces – eyes, ears, hair, nose and mouth out of colourful paper. When we are finished we will put them on a stick in a pot. All grade 3/4B, 3/4FP and 3/4H are making them.

Jenae & Rhiarna

Photographer – Darnell

3\4 FP have been making Picasso sculptures. I did painting and printing with texta lids and colour painting. I used blue, purple and red on my face. This was my first try at printing. It was fun. I got some good prints with the texta lid in art and it was fun.


Photographer – Seth

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Picasso Paintings

We are doing Picasso paintings with foam. it is very fun with the paint. We are using Primary and Secondary Colours and shades. We have cut them out in all different shapes. When we designed them we had to make sure there were no curves on the outline. We were only allowed to use three colours on the face, but we could mix them up.

I chose orange, aqua and blue, as I got to mix aqua (green and blue) and orange. (Bella). I chose black, red and green. Two of these colours are my favourite team and the other one makes it stand out. (Harry)

We have enjoyed doing this activity and we’re looking forward to finishing them. We would recommend them to other people to make if they love doing art.

Reporters Harry and Bella

Photographer – Rhiarna

IMG_3957 IMG_3971 IMG_3974 IMG_3979

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In art we have been doing Picasso Sculptures .

What we have to do is draw a head BUT it can not have curves and it has to be split into thirds then we need to make everything that a real face has but we can put it wherever we like on the face. Today we used our sketch books to design and try out what our sculptures might look like.

We will use foam to make our sculpture, and we will paint the sides, front and back. Then we will cut out eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose and hair and glue onto our Picasso face.

We like that we get to be creative and do some painting.

Tahlia and Tamika

Photographer – Harry

IMG_3850 IMG_3852 IMG_3854


Today 3/4FP is creating a Picasso sculptures. Zaff is making her Picasso sculpture out of triangles and rectangles and some circles. Well done, Zaff. I (Sevahn) am doing square eyes with pupils and squiggles for my face. On mine (Nicole) I did a hexagon shaped face with square eyes and a triangle nose and a normal shaped mouth. Today everyone worked really well. Thank you Miss Sharp for teaching us.

Nicole and Sevahn

Photographer – Crystal

IMG_3874 IMG_3877 IMG_3880 IMG_3884


Week 8 Sewing highlights

IMG_3631Grade 1/2FC sewing

1/2FC has been sewing borders around  hessian . When 1/2FC finished it they got to sew a picture in the middle. We had to draw the picture first. Everyone  did a good  job of their sewing. I (Wilbur) did an X on my hessian. I (Jed) did a picture of a guy on a skateboard on mine. It’s good to learn sewing because if your clothes or things rip you can sew them back up.

Jed and Wilbur

IMG_3589 IMG_3590 IMG_3625 IMG_3624 IMG_3630 IMG_3629 IMG_3628 IMG_3592

Grade 3/4M Sewing

3/4M has been doing sewing in art. We all have made own cushions in art. I (Louise) have made an L shaped cushion. It looks great! Hayley and Ella have made a star. They all so look great! Some of us have decorated their cushions with colorful felt.

By Louise, Hayley and Ella!!

IMG_3642 IMG_3643

Prep D Sewing

Prep D have been sewing using a mesh fabric and wool with plastic needles. For the first time at sewing they are super fabulous. We have had a few of our grad 6 students come in to help with tying knots and helping them to get started, it’s so good to have the extra help and it helps their skills improve by teaching others. Love to have mixed and multi age sessions in Art really gives a whole new perspective on things. The mesh squares looked quite good with Prep students sewing around the edges to make squares and fill up the space. Check out the photos of Indi and Phoebe’s work our very own prep sewing superstars.  🙂

IMG_3641 IMG_3640 IMG_3635


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