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3/4 Art – Week 7 – Term 1


Today we finished our selfies. Then we moved onto what do I use my brain to do. We’re drawing things that you need your brain to do. I have thought of reading, motorbike riding and that’s all I’ve done so far. We are trying to earn green points not red points. We get green points by being good. Alby (Reporter)


Today I brought a photo of myself and my little brother when he was born. I chose it because I thought it was an artwork. It’s a portrait and the frame has patterns on. I have learnt how to draw my eyes better this term. I drew an oval head to get a better shape. I used to draw circles. I learnt how to colour in the lines and not show any white. I’m really proud of when I learnt how to colour in the lines properly because I always used to have lines going out and it looks neat now. Josie (Focus Student)


Photographer – Amity



I chose an illuminati picture to share because I thought it was good and would have taken a long time to create. It was very detailed. We thought about other symbols that we can recognise easily like McDonalds. I have improved how to draw my face in a self portrait. I got feedback from people on how to get my hair right. I think I make my hair look more realistic now. I also got feedback on how to draw my nose to make it look better. Jed (Focus Student)

We are working on posters about I use my brain to… I was working on the Imagisphere from little big planet. I’m working on colouring it so it will stand out. We are trying to make sure that when we colour we don’t leave bits of white. Ava (Reporter)


Photographer – Milly



Today we are finishing off our phones and our brain posters. The posters are about what our brains do. We have learnt a bit about how our brains work and how they help us to do nearly everything. We’re doing them for a competition so we are drawing and colouring it in carefully. I am happy with how mine looks. Solan (Reporter)


I was on task today and working quietly. I got helpful, specific and kind feedback when I was working on my selfie. This helped me to draw a better shape for my head and body. I am really proud of my work because I think I did a great job on the shapes and writing on my brain poster. Lilly (Focus Student)


Photographer – Naomi





Today I brought in an artwork I got when I was born. It’s of a seal at sunset. I like the painting because it has lots of detail and uses cool colours (The colour group). It’s got lots of different brush strokes and textures and there are birds in the background. In Art this term I have improved with drawing a whole person. I’m better at drawing sleeves and characters from different things. I practised to get better at drawing. I enjoyed being a focus student because I liked sharing my painting with a group of people.  Krystos (Focus Student)


Our Art session was good because no one was being silly and they were all being sensible. We are learning how to draw brains and draw them doing stuff. I use my brain to stay in the clouds. I also use it to do backflips in circus so I don’t hit my head on the floor. Rhyder (Reporter)


Photographer – Maddy



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3/4 Art Sessions


Today I chose an artwork by Monet to share. I chose it because its very colourful and I liked the trees and the way they did the different colours on the leaves and road. The path has lots of colours blended. I have gotten better at drawing my bodies so they are not just stick figures. I am really happy with how I have learnt to give feedback to my friends. Summer ( Focus Student)


Summer was the focus student today. She showed us a painting on a calendar of a lake. It looked like a blob of paint up close but when you looked from a distance it got better and better. I thought it was ok. We are a bit oud today but we are still working. We are finishing our selfie photos. Darcy (Reporter)


Photographer  – Jude

 thumb_IMG_0572_1024 thumb_IMG_0573_1024 thumb_IMG_0574_1024 thumb_IMG_0575_1024 thumb_IMG_0577_1024


Today we started a competition artwork for “I use my brain to….” We have to colour in and make them look awesome. I’m drawing a picture of how my brain helps me to hit a cricket ball. We are drawing our pictures first then we’ll add colour. We are the only grade 3/4 doing this. Deakan (reporter)

Photographer – Chloe



I asked 3 people about what they liked in this art session. Hayley liked colouring in her selfie, Miah liked sketching her selfie and Josie liked different artworks. I have liked trying to draw what we look like. Ruby (Reporter)


Today I brought in my Lego AT-AT walker with all my Star Wars people. I chose this because I thought it would be an exciting artwork to show everyone. I think it’s art because it’s a sculpture and sculptures are Art. Seth gave me feedback to make my face not really round. I’m really happy with my selfie because my face is exactly the shape I wanted. I got some tips from Seth to help me draw my hair so it’s not flat. It looks really good. Odin (Focus Student)

Photographer – Jed



We are working on our phone pictures and moving on to our brain drawings. Sometimes we work really well in Art. We enjoy coming to Art because it is fun to learn new things. I have learnt how to sew and how to draw really good things. We are going to put our phones up for display and enter the brain drawings in a competition. Arie (Reporter)

Photographer – Eboni

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Grade 3/4 Weekly Wrap


In Art we are drawing ourselves on phones and practising on the back of them. When we have finished drawing them we will colour them and put them on display. I’m doing myself in a dress that’s a grey colour and I’m drawing myself with silver sandals. I also have been asking for feedback from people about what I look like and what I can do to make my drawing look better. I asked Rhiarna for feedback when we started. Regan (Reporter)


Photographer – Max


In Art we are working on our self portraits. We have asked for feedback and practised drawing our pictures first. It’s sometimes hard because some bits take a long time to do. My face looks good because I took my time and made it neat. The class is working well to finish their selfies. Tyler (Reporter)


I have been doing a good job drawing me, holding Ariel my cat. I did a really good job of the cats ears. The hardest part has been trying to draw Ariel’s arms and paws. I’m lying on my bed in my selfie. I have learnt how to draw heads a bit better. I started by drawing really slow to get the shape right. Hayley (Focus Student)


Photographer – Rowdy



in Art, were going well on our selfie work and many people are starting to colour their portrait we are doing well on getting the shape right. Its hard to do the hands holding the phone.


I am doing well on my one getting the shape of the face and the shading on it. The hand is not the best because it could be improved. Joe (Reporter)


I shared a picture of a room that was half colourful graffiti and half plain white. I chose it because it I really liked all the colours and I thought it was a really good artwork. I’ve learnt how to improve my drawing by doing a rough copy first and then doing my good copy. I am really happy with my face because normally I don’t get the shape right but on this one it looks good. Rhiarna (Focus Student)


Photographer – Mady


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3/4 week 4 antics


In Art we are doing ‘Selfies’ but we have to draw them. It could be a head or with a friend. Then we have to draw our selfie onto the phone on paper and see if people can guess our faces. We are trying to make them look like the real thing. At first it is very challenging because you have to take a photo of yourself in your head and see if you can draw it. Nobody will get it perfect but we want to try the best we can. I bet when we have finished them they are going to look outstanding! McKenzie (Reporter)


Today I have been doing my ‘selfie of myself. I also shared my art of 2 Optical Illusions. The 2 Optical Illusions one of them was one that started to grow when you stared at it and the other one when you stared at it looked like it had black dots and they kept flashing at you. The hardest part today was trying to get the face the right shape. I’m very proud of how I practised on my face and how I have seen it improve.  Jono (Focus Student)


Photographer – Scarlett

We are drawing on our selfies. We are colouring in the phone cases and our selfies. I’m still drawing my selfie and I finished my rough copy on the back of my sheet. We have a focus student every week. This week’s was Bella and she picked an artwork of 2 cats listening to music together. We had a talk about what we thought they were listening to. I thought that they might be listening to ‘My Dogs Got Fleas’. Other people thought AC/DC, the sound of the sea, dubhstep, or Lovecats. After we finish our selfies we will be moving onto doing some painting. Wilbur (Reporter)


Hi my name is Bella and today I was the focus student. I showed a cat picture that an artist drew. It was really hard to explain. The cats were imagining that they were listening to music on headphones. In the background it was like a big party going on. I liked it because they showed you 2 different coloured cats My whole class was thinking of different music that they were listening to. Also I have been drawing my selfie. It was really hard to start off drawing but I got the hang of it. Making the eyes the right size was really tricky. I have put a lot of effort into drawing my top. Bella (focus Student)


Photographer – Tamsyn

thumb_IMG_0414_1024 thumb_IMG_0416_1024 thumb_IMG_0417_1024



We are working on self portraits. We are going to do a selfie display stick them up and see if anyone can guess who is who. We are working on drawing our pictures as close to ourselves as we can make them.  Chelsea (Reporter)


I liked presenting my graffiti art. It has nice colours and kind of glowed. It also had lots of different colours that looked good. I felt like I did a good job presenting the graffiti art to the class and I think the audience listened well. I learnt that the graffiti I showed is sometimes bad and you can get fined if you do it without permission. Sometimes it looks great though. I improved drawing my hair and putting more on my head in my self portrait. I want to improve my ears as they need to be a bit bigger. I think I worked well today and didn’t talk as much as I have in other lessons. Jim (Focus Student)

Photographer – Seth

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Week 3 Art in years 3/4


I shared an art book from How to Train Your Dragon. My favourite picture is of the Red Death. I like it because it is the biggest dragon. It has lots of red spikes, teeth and looks like it is smooth and textured in places. I think it was done as a painting. I did a good job working on my selfie. The hardest part was getting the shape of the face right. Once I had done that it was good because I am good at art and it was easier. Kaine – focus student

I worked well on my selfie today. I think that I did a good job of the hair. It is a bit tricky but I am working well. The class enjoys drawing their selfies. Lilly (reporter)

Bella – Photographer


In Art we have been doing a picture of ourselves. Jaime brought in a picture to share. She had made it herself. She brought a self portrait. I’ve been working on how to draw ourselves. The hardest part is trying to draw your whole body. Emmett (Reporter)

I really like being a focus student. I shared an artwork I had drawn of a person. I really liked the techniques that I used to do it. Everybody said that they liked it. I’m doing a ‘take a selfie’ portrait now. When we are finished we will have to guess who it was that drew it. I made a few mistakes but rubbed them out and now I am happy with it. I just need to draw another eye and fix up my lips to finish. I feel really good sitting up the front on a chair as the focus student. Jaime (Focus Student)

Photographer – Jed



We are learning to take selfies of ourselves. We are drawing them. It can be either landscape or portrait. When we draw ourselves we have to include all the details like glasses if you wear them, eyes and ears. If you’re a girl you might draw earrings or a necklace. We want to make our pictures look real. I think I will do a good draft for my selfie. Xavier (Reporter)

I have been going well with my artwork and I am almost finishing everything in one art lesson. I remembered to bring to bring my artwork to share. I brought in drawings of animals and people mixed together that my brother and I had done. I also brought in an extra things to show such as pencils, rubbers, crayons, sharpeners and paint in my art box. I am trying to get my nose and hair to look much better than in my first draft. I need to sharpen my pencil more so I can draw finer and lighter lines. Everytime I do it I’m afraid the pencil will snap. The best bit about being a focus student is sitting up on a chair, sharing artworks and you feel proud of yourself for sharing what you can do. Izaiyah (Focus Student)

 Photographer – Olivia

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3/4B Early stages of the Dragon Panels

We started working on our panels. We started by drawing on them first, using the design we came up with in our sketch books. We had to try and choose something that was from China or in Chinese. We learnt about lots of things that we could use in Chinese with Mrs Jerram first. It’s really exciting getting to start our panels. We also had to put a border around the edge so they can be sewn together later on. I’m looking forward to finishing my panel and seeing what it looks like when it’s done.

3/4B comments


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Grade 3/4 Dragon Body Project

This week we laid out some of the panels to get an idea of what the final body might look like. It was great to see the students getting really excited about it and even making comments about colour combinations of panels. They’re really looking forward to seeing it all finished.

Here is a short video of photos taken by Crystal during art sessions this week.



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Art Appreciation

3/4H Reflections

It was hard to choose an artwork to share because there were so many we liked

We had lots of different artworks chosen to explore today;

Clare looked at Egyptian cats

Ava chose artwork from the movie How To Train Your Dragon

Matthew and Deakan explored a variety of dragon art

Ella looked at works by teenage artists.

Bella chose artworks drawn in oil pastel

Hayley and Ellouise enjoyed looking at sculptures.

Haylee chose a painted kitten

Jack had fun revisiting Op Art and so did Will, who also looked at Street Art.

Rhylan explored monochromatic artworks


It was a fun session learning how to look at Art and seeing different things in the artworks. We had fun teaching each other about the artworks we had chosen.

by 3/4H


3/4B Reflections

I learnt how to find and ask questions to myself about art, if I liked it? Thought it was weird? Joe


Some paintings you can look out a window and see what’s out there to create, and others you just come up with your own ideas using your imagination. Bella


I learnt that artwork isn’t just colours – Navasha


I chose a Op Art picture because it looked like it was spinning. I liked how it how yellow and black – Rhiarna


I chose a painting of a loveheart and it had lots of colours in it. In the loveheart it had 2 people and a hand inside of it. – Tori.


3/4FP Reflections

I learnt that sometimes what people are feeling are the colours they have painted – Xavier


I thought our artwork was colourful – Jim


You don’t have to like an artwork for it to be good – Crystal

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12th August – From the Art Room

I’m looking at different ways to get all the information up here. I know that it can get a bit repetitive with grades doing the same activities for each level. So i’m after some feedback. How would you like to see it? A daily post? weekly? different artist reviews? lesson plans? let me know what you would like to see and we’ll see what we can do. 🙂


Using charcoal and black paint.  – 12th August 2015

Today in art we started drawing and painting on our trees. Some people had thick trees some had thin trees. We are doing an artwork, which is called Winter Trees. Last week we played round with charcoal then started our artwork. We drew a circle, which represented our moon then coloured in our background by smudging charcoal. Today was our last day on our piece of artwork. It was very fun, making this piece of artwork. Lots of people have finished their artwork today.


By Zafirah and Mia

Photographer – Jed


thumb_IMG_0641_1024 thumb_IMG_0640_1024 thumb_IMG_0638_1024 thumb_IMG_0637_1024 thumb_IMG_0636_1024 thumb_IMG_0632_1024



Water Week Posters – 1/2AC 

12th August 2015

Today everybody’s pictures looked beautiful using the watercolours. Everything seems to be going well so far. Everybody is doing a good job. Lots of people are blue because we are doing water posters and the blue is for the water. Some people have drawn water places where they have a funnel to collect water and some people have drawn mountains and drops of rain.

I learnt that water is very, very, important. I also learnt we use colours to make our artworks look good. You have to choose the right size brush for your painting so you don’ t go out of the lines. If you keep painting in the same place and see bits of paper in your painting it’s a warning to stop or you will get a big hole in your work.

Reporter – Sarah

Photographer – Rishi

thumb_IMG_0622_1024 thumb_IMG_0621_1024 thumb_IMG_0615_1024 thumb_IMG_0612_1024

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5th – 11th August catch up

First of all thanks to all of our fantastic reporters and photographers who have prepared the following blog posts. I apologise to you all for being a bit slow getting some of them up. We are back online though so that is a bonus. Please keep an eye on the page to see who will be contributing to the blog. The aim is for all of our students to have an opportunity to share their learning.

thanks for reading

Miss Sharp

thumb_IMG_0468_1024 thumb_IMG_0477_1024

3/4FP Monochromatic Trees

5th August 2015

In the 3/4 area we have been shading backgrounds of paper and putting a moon in, because we are going to put a tree in and try to shade it with charcoal. A great example was Miss Sharp’s which looked like it was from a scary movie with the moon shining behind the tree. Other people have been going for a less scary look. I’m going to try and make mine look scary. It’s kind of funny how the colour choices and shading can make it look scary. If it had a blue background and green tree it would look awesome but it wouldn’t look scary. This is our first time this year using charcoal. Charcoal is fun, smudgy and puts together effective artworks.

Lachie 3/4FP

Photographer Darcy

thumb_IMG_0623_1024 thumb_IMG_0621_1024 thumb_IMG_0612_1024 thumb_IMG_0615_1024


1/2H – Watercolour Posters

11th August 2015

I’m doing a painting of a place that sells scary things. I chose to do a free painting today. Everyone is making Water Week posters. We are using watercolours. I like painting because it’s fun. I’m good at it. I like to paint pictures on paper, especially motorbikes. They are my favourite thing to do. I am looking forward to doing clay this year in Art. The best thing about art is painting.

Reporter – Callum

Photographer – Tequijuan

 thumb_IMG_0572_1024 thumb_IMG_0580_1024 thumb_IMG_0573_1024 thumb_IMG_0574_1024 thumb_IMG_0586_1024 thumb_IMG_0569_1024

Winter Trees – 3/4B (monochromatic)

11th August 2015

I drew a cactus on my paper today because I like the green and the spikes on the cactus because its inspiring to me, it just make me feel great about myself. When I was painting I had to just get the spikes right and get the sticks that are poking out of the tree. I had to use black paint and used my skills painting small lines. It was fun painting until the end because I was finished and didn’t have to paint any more. I’m pretty good at painting. I saw Summer, Rhiarna, Tori, Khloe and Bella doing a great job on theirs too.

Reporter – Sonny

Photographer – Jenae


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