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I have learnt that we need to focus on our work and listen to the teacher to make our work look nice. The teacher can give us ideas to improve our work. I liked learning about self portraits in Art they were very fun. I learnt to listen to feedback to help improve my work. Wyatt said I should maybe do my arms curved and not corner ish so it doesn’t look like Minecraft people and I did. Ruby (Focus Student)


Today in Art we are working on a poster to put in a competition. It’s about our brains. Niya is drawing a picture of her riding her bike. Jakobi is drawing a picture of his brain. Sylvan is drawing a picture of his brain with ideas coming out of his brain.

Mackenzie ( Reporter)


Photographer – Lucas


Some of the things we have learnt about our brain are;

Brains don’t stop working until you die – Sylvan

Your brain weighs as much as 4 tubs of butter – Wyatt & Larni

Your brain is made up of fat and water – Tayla

A lot of neurons in your brain that connect – Stella

Our brain can light a lightbulb – Ella

It’s amazing how our neck can hold up our brains – Mackenzie

I’ve learnt that our brain can’t be any colour it’s grey – Niya



I learnt that your neurons send messages so that you learn and get better at things. The neurons mean we can do things. Our brain wouldn’t work well without them. Lily T


I learnt that you need to have a little bit of sugar and a little bit of veggies to make your brain focus. Aleara


I learnt that you need to drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated and so your brain works well. Kade


I learnt that you need to drink lots of water for your brain and you need to focus and your brain will only work well if you eat healthy food. Toby


Your brain helps you to learn. Jye


I’ve learnt how to paint into the lines. It was tricky because you have to go slowly and paint neatly. I’m really proud of how I am colouring in the pictures I have drawn because they look really good. I have enjoyed being a focus student. Shontai (Focus Student)


Photographer – Lachie



We are making a poster about our brain. We are thinking about how we use our brain to do stuff. I learnt that your brain can make you run. It can make you ride your bike. When we keep practising things our brain stretches. On my poster I am drawing a brain and a picture of me doing stuff like riding a motorbike. Eli (Reporter)


I am still learning how to draw and cut out people. I improved my painting because I practised at Dad’s too. When I paint I try to take my time and paint really neatly. I think I got a little bit better at drawing faces. I got a bit of feedback to help me. I like being an Art Leader because we get to use the sharpener and do special things. Hudson (Focus Student)


Photographer – Nadia


I have been learning to colour in neatly. You have to move slowly and not fast with your pencil. I concentrate on my work and try and stay inside the lines. When we were changing classes everyone in our class were good listeners. I did a seahorse and it was the first time I coloured inside the lines. I used pencils to do it. I used lots of colours to make it look good. I did a good job on my self portrait outlining the ear and the hair. Emma (Focus Student)


In Art we are doing our brains and everyone is doing their own ideas. I am doing my scooter and my bike on my poster. Our posters are about creating the brain and things it helps us to do. A good poster is really neat, has detailed drawings and is bright and colourful. Cayden (Reporter)


Photographer – Madi



In Art we are doing lots of colouring to make colourful posters about our brain. We are learning to make our pictures about our brain. I use my brain to ride my motorbike. On our posters we need to use lots and lots and lots of colours. We have to colour it in neatly. We have to do lots of neat pictures. Hugh (Reporter)


In Art I have learnt to do neat painting. I practised drawing pictures until they got better. I packed up when I was finished. I had fun drawing. I’m really proud of how well I listen in Art. Chloe (Focus Student)


Photographer – Sarona

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1/2 Art


I asked 3 people about art today.


Jakobi said I liked doing the backgrounds and making the people.

Mackenzie said she liked doing the outlining and she liked coming to Art.

Kobe said he liked doing outlining on his face.

I feel happy to be the reporter because it’s the first time I have got to be one in Art. Larni (reporter)


Photographer – Charlee


I have learnt to paint and cut out and stick my work on the page better. I am proud of my artwork because I did a good job and worked hard on it. Niya (Focus Student)



We have been painting our self portraits. I think everyone worked well. Today we’ve been outlining our self portraits using the very special fineliner pens. Sarona and Dante were working really hard on their artwork. I liked finishing my work today. Banjo (Reporter)


Today I learnt how to outline. The tricky bit was outlining my face because you have to try and draw exactly where you have painted. I am really happy that I did my outlining carefully and I finished my self portrait. Neve (Focus Student)

Photographer – Dante

 thumb_IMG_0600_1024 thumb_IMG_0603_1024


I have learned how to trace around my face to make an outline using special pen. I am really proud of how I have outlined my portrait especially on the hair because it was really detailed and tricky. Jakob (Focus Student)


Today we were working on our self portraits. We finished them. We had to cut them out and stick them on our coloured background. I liked doing it. It was fun. Jack (Reporter)

Photographer – Poppy


I learnt that a self portrait has to look like ourselves. The hardest part was doing the background because we used coloured squares and if you ran out of room they got a bit squashed. I had fun making my self portrait. Levi W (Focus Student)


In Art today I made something. It was a picture of myself. Everyone in the class did the same. Nadia, Indi, Levi and Ethan worked really hard on their work. It was a bit fun to do this, but some people were a bit silly. Madi and Archer were very helpful packing up. Miami (Reporter)

Photographer – Archer


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Grade 1/2 Weekly Round Up


Art is fun because we get to paint and draw fun stuff. We are making self portraits. We are up to painting. A good painter tries to be neat and is sensible. I’m painting my face in a skin colour. I am really happy with my drawing of my self portrait. Fletcher (Reporter)


I have been learning to do self portraits. I learnt that we can sometimes draw just our face and not our full body. When we have finished painting we will do a background with coloured squares. I am really happy about the size of my face. I didn’t do it too big. I’m making sure that my painting goes only on my portrait. The hardest thing to do is to paint it because when you paint it sometimes goes over the lines where you don’t want it to go. Rishi (Focus Student)

Photographer – Sarah


Today we glued little squares to a white piece of paper to make a background. We finished painting our self portraits. I added a bit more yellow to my painting. It’s a fun thing to do. Rhiannon (Reporter)


I have learnt that I need to take my time when painting so that I can get better at it.  If you take your time it looks better because it’s neat and your paint brush is going in the one line. I am really happy that I have done my face round. The hardest thing to do was to paint my eyes. I’m enjoying Art a lot. Aleara (Focus Student)

Photographer – William


We are painting and drawing self portraits and we’re sticking on pieces of coloured paper to make our background. We talked about being a good artist. I said a good artist paints neatly. I tried to paint neatly. I’m really happy with my self portrait. Levi DH (Reporter)


I feel happy that I am sticking things on neatly. I have improved my drawing because I got feedbackand added more things to my self portrait. William gave me feedback that I could make my head bigger so I did. I have been trying to help other people and do the right thing and listen to other people’s feedback. Ethan (Focus Student)

 Photographer – Levi W



There’s lots of fun stuff happening in Art at the moment. We have been painting, drawing, doing some listening. Our grade are working really well on their art. We are trying to get 6 smiley faces on the ArtSmart board. I have finished my work so I am helping Riley finish his.  Lucas (Reporter)


I’ve learnt how to make a self portrait. A self portrait is where you make a picture of yourself. We are doing a colourful background. We used squares of paper. I’m really proud of how I stayed in the lines when I was painting my self portrait. I was trying hard to stay in the lines and not go out of the lines. Jakobi (Focus Student)

Photographer – Wyatt

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1/2 weekly art sessions



We were doing our portraits and we were painting what we looked like. We were trying to make the paint stay in the lines and be good artists. Jakobi (Reporter)

Today I found it was hard to stay in the lines when I was painting. I was proud that I nearly finished painting my portrait. I think I did a good job on the eyes and ears, nose and shoulders because I think they look nearly right.

Tayla (Focus)



In Art we are working on drawing and painting our faces. Today we drew our faces. We learnt how to not mix colours up when we are painting. A good painter paints something they want to paint. Miharo (Reporter)

I learnt to never mix colours because it makes different colours when you don’t want different colours. I’m proud of how I painted today. I tried to make it neat and not splash it around. Indi (Focus Student)



Photographer – Toby

Today in Art we drew our self and painted it. We talked about being a good artist. A good artist tries to stay in the lines, never gives up and does lots of paintings. It was a bit tricky painting our self portraits but it was fun. Delta (Reporter)

Today I improved on my drawing. I normally don’t draw big and today I did my face big. I’m proud of how neat I did my portrait. The best thing I did was painting and drawing my hair and eyes. Lilly (Focus Student)


We drew our self portraits and now we are painting them. We are all enjoying it. It’s very fun. When we drew our self portraits we had to do more than one draft. We try to paint the same way (in the same direction) and stay inside the lines. William (Reporter)

It was a little bit tricky drawing the faces, especially the head and shoulder but I have got used to doing it. I have done a really good job on my face because I carefully painted white on the mouth. Asha (Focus Student)

Photographer – Tequijuan





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1/2 week 3 Art Wrap


In Art we are learning about drawing self portraits. We had to draw our whole face and our shoulders. We get feedback when we have finished our drafts from our classmates. Then we go back and fix up the parts that our classmates have said we could improve. We get a new piece of paper and do our next draft on that. I have improved the way I did my hair. Stella (Reporter)


I worked on my self portrait. I did 3 drafts. I got feedback from Mackenzie and Charlee they helped give me ideas to improve my drawing. Kassie (focus student)

Photographer – Kobe


We’re doing a self portrait. A self portrait is where you draw a picture of yourself. Once we’ve done our first draft we keep going until it’s perfect. Then we will get to paint it. We know it looks good when it looks like you. We get feedback from the class and when they say that looks good it’s finished. We are kind, specific and helpful and not mean when we give feedback. I think that the whole class is doing a great job on their self portraits. Miah (Reporter)

Photographer – Miley

I got feedback to make my eyes bigger and not to make swirls in my eyes. So I did another draft. I made my eyes and hair look normal and I added teeth. I’m proud of how I have structured my head because it was hard to do. Kyle (focus student)


In Art we are doing self portraits to do self portraits. we watched a movie called Auston’s Butterfly. It gave us some facts about giving feedback to help get our faces better. When he started off it wasn’t as good as it could be so he asked his friends for feedback and went back and sis it again. When he got to his last draft using colour it looked amazing. Our self portraits we are doing of our head and shoulders and we get feedback too. It is fun. Lily T (Reporter)

I have learnt to do self portraits drawing myself. We did 5 or 6 drafts to make our drawings look good and not messy. The hardest part was drawing the head and the shoulders. I think I have done a really good job of my hair because I made sure it was drawn long enough because it really is long. Stella – focus student

Photographer – Phoebe


In Art we are working on drawing self portraits. It’s a picture of ourselves. I drew a head and shoulders. We had to make sure our eyes are not fully black. I am proud that to get better I have improved my work. I had one draft that didn’t have earrings so I added them. My picture now looks finished. Inika (Reporter)

I learnt that if I practise I can get better at drawing pictures of myself. The hardest thing to do was trying to get the eyelashes in the same spot, the eyes closer to the nose and getting the glasses to curve down. It was a little tricky to draw around the back to show the elastic. I am really proud of how I did getting the eyes, glasses and eyelashes looking good. Zabina (Focus student)

Photographer – Charlie


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Patterned Hands by 1/2S and 1/2TJ


Today we made hands and I put heaps of detail. I did about twenty different patterns. The best pattern was a spiderweb.


Today we made some hands. We put as much detail in it and Miss Sharp said that 1/2TJ had nearly the best detail in the school. I like mine because there are lots of patterns and I didn’t think I could have made that many J


I put a lot of effort into my artwork. I made a little cat I’ve named it Puss in Boots. This was one of the patterns on my hands. I’m happy with my effort today.


 Photographer – Auston

thumb_IMG_0179_1024 thumb_IMG_0183_1024 thumb_IMG_0186_1024 thumb_IMG_0187_1024 thumb_IMG_0188_1024 thumb_IMG_0201_1024




I repeated the pattern on both of my hands and I did a flower on my hands. I repeated the pattern on all of my fingers. I’m outlining it. It’s got lots of detail on it.


We are all doing hands. We traced around our hands and we are doing cool patterns on them now. I’ve done some zig-zags and some flowers on mine. At the tips of the fingers I drew some fire.

Stella M

I’ve done patterns on my hands they are skulls, spiders, zig-zags and smoke. I’m working well to get mine finished.


Photographers – Toby and Eliza

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Henna Hands 1/2H

thumb_IMG_0145_1024  thumb_IMG_0759_1024

I was doing my hands. I was making my hands have lots of detail. My favourite pattern was swirly up and swirly down, swirly swirl and then a bigger one and the up down and swirly swirl again. I liked doing the panels too.

Zabina (reporter)


Today on my picture I added a lot of detail. Then I tried to not let any spaces show on my work. When I had done the patterns I put fine liner on it to make it darker so you could see it better.

Chloe (reporter)


I put circles and diamond shapes and I put three fingers on the page and made dog faces.

Inika (focus)


I took a lot of care when I was drawing the patterns on my hands. I liked drawing lines in different ways.

Ruby (Focus)


Photographers – Ellie and Lilly

thumb_IMG_0764_1024 thumb_IMG_0757_1024 thumb_IMG_0153_1024 thumb_IMG_0149_1024

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1/2C Dragon Body Progress

thumb_IMG_0110_1024 thumb_IMG_0112_1024 thumb_IMG_0115_1024 thumb_IMG_0117_1024 thumb_IMG_0119_1024 thumb_IMG_0120_1024 thumb_IMG_0121_1024 thumb_IMG_0122_1024 thumb_IMG_0108_1024 thumb_IMG_0109_1024 thumb_IMG_0110_1024

I was outlining and after I had finished outlining I added glitter and I put lots of glitter on the star. Some of it wasn’t sticking so I picked them off because it didn’t look very good and put them back in the tub. I am happy with my panel. When I was painting I accidentally dripped paint on it but I fixed it and scraped it off and painted over it.

Lily (focus)

I was working on my panel it has a dragon on it. Today I had to paint it. I chose silver, yellow, and green to paint my dragon.

Rowdy (reporter)


Photographer – Ryan

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1/2 Dragon Body Panels

Today I worked on my panel. I’m doing a pig. I used pink for the body and the face, red for the eyes and some trees in the background. The pig also has brown feet. I did a great job and I was happy with my pig

Kyle (reporter)


Today I finished off my panel. It was a horse. It’s got a gold mane and a gold tail. It’s body is brown. I had to paint small areas and some big areas. I went around the body with a fabric texta.

Miah (focus)

Photographer – Phoebe 


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Clay Grades 1 and 2

I learnt how to make a cup out of clay. We broke the clay into 2 halves and made a teacup. I made dots of my Dad and me on mine. We practised making the clay very smooth so we could draw on it.

Hudson (focus student)

We used part of the clay to make a handle and we had to bend it and if you made a mistake you used water to make glue to fix it. They could be cups and we did them all today. We decorated them using a stick (skewer)

Wyatt (Reporter)

Photographer – Levi

thumb_IMG_4853_1024 thumb_IMG_4849_1024 thumb_IMG_4847_1024 thumb_IMG_4844_1024 thumb_IMG_4845_1024 thumb_IMG_4846_1024

I learnt that if you use clay you cant use that much water on the clay because it will get very smooth and break easily. I thought that we would paint the clay today but we have to let the clay dry before we paint or the clay will go yuk and ruined. I needed a bit of help with the handle and rolling the clay in a circle and I asked for a bit of feedback to help me improve my work.

Rishi (Focus)


We made a cup with clay and we made a handle and a cup to put the handle on. Next week we might paint it. Some of the pieces of clay were hard and some were soft. My piece was hard. Miah did a really good job making her cup. Miss Sharp said we could do patterns using the stick on our cups. We had lots of fun today.

Isobel (Reporter)

Photographer – Phoebe

thumb_IMG_0748_1024 thumb_IMG_4845_1024 thumb_IMG_4846_1024

I mixed pink to paint my bowl. I had to use white and red. I was careful not to get the colours dirty and mixed on my tray. I tried to make purple but it didn’t work. I put red and blue and I thought it would make purple but it didn’t look quite right.

Miley (focus)

We painted our cups and mixed colours together to make different colours. We had fun doing this.

Indi (Reporter)

Photographer – Sarah


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