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Our Sunset, My World

on August 2, 2016


On the 23rd July our school participated in the Our Sunset, My World exhibition in Federation Square for the Have a Heart for Cambodia project. We had 2 beautiful artworks on display, with another being displayed at school. The efforts and enthusiasm of the students and school community was amazing to be a part of.

The first piece called ‘Patchwork Sunset’ was created with every student in the school doing a panel which was sewn together to form a quilt in the shape of a sunset. The similar theme across the design was that each panel had a sun on it. The designs ranged from something personal from each student to design on culture and history of Cambodia. The completed artwork is amazing and i am looking forward to displaying it in the school now it has returned.

The second artwork was made up of 2 large canvases and was completed by our school community as part of the school fete. We had lots of people contributing to the dot designs to form a world and a sunset. It was great to see so many people involved from younger and older siblings to parents and grandparents, The final result was pretty amazing and was sold at auction at the exhibition.

The final artwork which will be displayed at our school was the brainchild of Xavier and Zack and completed with a small group of students. It featured a child sized manneqin which was painted and completed to look half Australian and half Cambodia school student. It also held in it’s hands 2 paper mache balls of the sun and the earth. A very impressive artwork and the extra sessions at lunch and out of school hours shows through.

thumb_IMG_5537_1024 thumb_IMG_5538_1024

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