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5/6 Art – Week 7 – Term 1

on March 13, 2016


Today I chose an artwork by Caravaggio. It was of a man getting his head decapitated. I chose it because I thought it was interesting and I like stuff like that. Her servant looked a bit creepy. It was old and dark. It was painted in 1599 – 1610. I found it in a book on Rubens and the Italian Renaissance. I have been working on a selfie, I learnt to do drafts just like we do in writing and then do the real thing. I improved my listening on the floor. I liked being a focus student because I got to sit up the front on a chair. Jack (focus Student)


Today in art jack showed us a hobble artwork that I didn’t like and then everyone started gong off to finish there selfie artworks mines looks awesome and then some of us started working on a art competition. Ariana D


Photographer – Jenae





Today J.W showed us some artwork on his computer. There was one that was a 3d chalk drawing on the ground. Another one which was a lego sculpture. The third one was of two people drawn massively in the sand at a beach.  Today for our first task, we are finishing off our selfies. Then we will be going on to make our I use my brain to posters. Some examples of that is reading, writing and talking.

Reporter- Zafirah D-H


In art I have improved my sketching by drawing more often. Erin gave me feedback, she said “it’s good but maybe you should press a bit harder and shade a bit softer” so that it didn’t end up with lines through it. I did a mustang drawing at home that I’m really happy with because it looks better since I’ve practiced. My selfie looked good I took my time and I tried to make it look like me it sort of does and sort of doesn’t. I chose 3 pictures to share a chalk drawing of a shark that looks 3D, a lego sculpture called ‘The Surgery’ and a sand drawing. I chose them because they look really realistic and they are interesting. J.W. (Focus Student)


Photographer – Amber



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