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Hi Everyone, Thanks for following our learning in Art. We are having some difficulties uploading photos so I am working on this and hopefully it will all be sorted soon. Please check back in soon but in the meantime enjoy reading about our learning this term.

Leah Sharp

Visual Art

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5/6 Art – Week 7 – Term 1


Today I chose an artwork by Caravaggio. It was of a man getting his head decapitated. I chose it because I thought it was interesting and I like stuff like that. Her servant looked a bit creepy. It was old and dark. It was painted in 1599 – 1610. I found it in a book on Rubens and the Italian Renaissance. I have been working on a selfie, I learnt to do drafts just like we do in writing and then do the real thing. I improved my listening on the floor. I liked being a focus student because I got to sit up the front on a chair. Jack (focus Student)


Today in art jack showed us a hobble artwork that I didn’t like and then everyone started gong off to finish there selfie artworks mines looks awesome and then some of us started working on a art competition. Ariana D


Photographer – Jenae





Today J.W showed us some artwork on his computer. There was one that was a 3d chalk drawing on the ground. Another one which was a lego sculpture. The third one was of two people drawn massively in the sand at a beach.  Today for our first task, we are finishing off our selfies. Then we will be going on to make our I use my brain to posters. Some examples of that is reading, writing and talking.

Reporter- Zafirah D-H


In art I have improved my sketching by drawing more often. Erin gave me feedback, she said “it’s good but maybe you should press a bit harder and shade a bit softer” so that it didn’t end up with lines through it. I did a mustang drawing at home that I’m really happy with because it looks better since I’ve practiced. My selfie looked good I took my time and I tried to make it look like me it sort of does and sort of doesn’t. I chose 3 pictures to share a chalk drawing of a shark that looks 3D, a lego sculpture called ‘The Surgery’ and a sand drawing. I chose them because they look really realistic and they are interesting. J.W. (Focus Student)


Photographer – Amber



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3/4 Art – Week 7 – Term 1


Today we finished our selfies. Then we moved onto what do I use my brain to do. We’re drawing things that you need your brain to do. I have thought of reading, motorbike riding and that’s all I’ve done so far. We are trying to earn green points not red points. We get green points by being good. Alby (Reporter)


Today I brought a photo of myself and my little brother when he was born. I chose it because I thought it was an artwork. It’s a portrait and the frame has patterns on. I have learnt how to draw my eyes better this term. I drew an oval head to get a better shape. I used to draw circles. I learnt how to colour in the lines and not show any white. I’m really proud of when I learnt how to colour in the lines properly because I always used to have lines going out and it looks neat now. Josie (Focus Student)


Photographer – Amity



I chose an illuminati picture to share because I thought it was good and would have taken a long time to create. It was very detailed. We thought about other symbols that we can recognise easily like McDonalds. I have improved how to draw my face in a self portrait. I got feedback from people on how to get my hair right. I think I make my hair look more realistic now. I also got feedback on how to draw my nose to make it look better. Jed (Focus Student)

We are working on posters about I use my brain to… I was working on the Imagisphere from little big planet. I’m working on colouring it so it will stand out. We are trying to make sure that when we colour we don’t leave bits of white. Ava (Reporter)


Photographer – Milly



Today we are finishing off our phones and our brain posters. The posters are about what our brains do. We have learnt a bit about how our brains work and how they help us to do nearly everything. We’re doing them for a competition so we are drawing and colouring it in carefully. I am happy with how mine looks. Solan (Reporter)


I was on task today and working quietly. I got helpful, specific and kind feedback when I was working on my selfie. This helped me to draw a better shape for my head and body. I am really proud of my work because I think I did a great job on the shapes and writing on my brain poster. Lilly (Focus Student)


Photographer – Naomi





Today I brought in an artwork I got when I was born. It’s of a seal at sunset. I like the painting because it has lots of detail and uses cool colours (The colour group). It’s got lots of different brush strokes and textures and there are birds in the background. In Art this term I have improved with drawing a whole person. I’m better at drawing sleeves and characters from different things. I practised to get better at drawing. I enjoyed being a focus student because I liked sharing my painting with a group of people.  Krystos (Focus Student)


Our Art session was good because no one was being silly and they were all being sensible. We are learning how to draw brains and draw them doing stuff. I use my brain to stay in the clouds. I also use it to do backflips in circus so I don’t hit my head on the floor. Rhyder (Reporter)


Photographer – Maddy



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