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I have learnt that we need to focus on our work and listen to the teacher to make our work look nice. The teacher can give us ideas to improve our work. I liked learning about self portraits in Art they were very fun. I learnt to listen to feedback to help improve my work. Wyatt said I should maybe do my arms curved and not corner ish so it doesn’t look like Minecraft people and I did. Ruby (Focus Student)


Today in Art we are working on a poster to put in a competition. It’s about our brains. Niya is drawing a picture of her riding her bike. Jakobi is drawing a picture of his brain. Sylvan is drawing a picture of his brain with ideas coming out of his brain.

Mackenzie ( Reporter)


Photographer – Lucas


Some of the things we have learnt about our brain are;

Brains don’t stop working until you die – Sylvan

Your brain weighs as much as 4 tubs of butter – Wyatt & Larni

Your brain is made up of fat and water – Tayla

A lot of neurons in your brain that connect – Stella

Our brain can light a lightbulb – Ella

It’s amazing how our neck can hold up our brains – Mackenzie

I’ve learnt that our brain can’t be any colour it’s grey – Niya



I learnt that your neurons send messages so that you learn and get better at things. The neurons mean we can do things. Our brain wouldn’t work well without them. Lily T


I learnt that you need to have a little bit of sugar and a little bit of veggies to make your brain focus. Aleara


I learnt that you need to drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated and so your brain works well. Kade


I learnt that you need to drink lots of water for your brain and you need to focus and your brain will only work well if you eat healthy food. Toby


Your brain helps you to learn. Jye


I’ve learnt how to paint into the lines. It was tricky because you have to go slowly and paint neatly. I’m really proud of how I am colouring in the pictures I have drawn because they look really good. I have enjoyed being a focus student. Shontai (Focus Student)


Photographer – Lachie



We are making a poster about our brain. We are thinking about how we use our brain to do stuff. I learnt that your brain can make you run. It can make you ride your bike. When we keep practising things our brain stretches. On my poster I am drawing a brain and a picture of me doing stuff like riding a motorbike. Eli (Reporter)


I am still learning how to draw and cut out people. I improved my painting because I practised at Dad’s too. When I paint I try to take my time and paint really neatly. I think I got a little bit better at drawing faces. I got a bit of feedback to help me. I like being an Art Leader because we get to use the sharpener and do special things. Hudson (Focus Student)


Photographer – Nadia


I have been learning to colour in neatly. You have to move slowly and not fast with your pencil. I concentrate on my work and try and stay inside the lines. When we were changing classes everyone in our class were good listeners. I did a seahorse and it was the first time I coloured inside the lines. I used pencils to do it. I used lots of colours to make it look good. I did a good job on my self portrait outlining the ear and the hair. Emma (Focus Student)


In Art we are doing our brains and everyone is doing their own ideas. I am doing my scooter and my bike on my poster. Our posters are about creating the brain and things it helps us to do. A good poster is really neat, has detailed drawings and is bright and colourful. Cayden (Reporter)


Photographer – Madi



In Art we are doing lots of colouring to make colourful posters about our brain. We are learning to make our pictures about our brain. I use my brain to ride my motorbike. On our posters we need to use lots and lots and lots of colours. We have to colour it in neatly. We have to do lots of neat pictures. Hugh (Reporter)


In Art I have learnt to do neat painting. I practised drawing pictures until they got better. I packed up when I was finished. I had fun drawing. I’m really proud of how well I listen in Art. Chloe (Focus Student)


Photographer – Sarona

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