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1/2 Art

on March 4, 2016


I asked 3 people about art today.


Jakobi said I liked doing the backgrounds and making the people.

Mackenzie said she liked doing the outlining and she liked coming to Art.

Kobe said he liked doing outlining on his face.

I feel happy to be the reporter because it’s the first time I have got to be one in Art. Larni (reporter)


Photographer – Charlee


I have learnt to paint and cut out and stick my work on the page better. I am proud of my artwork because I did a good job and worked hard on it. Niya (Focus Student)



We have been painting our self portraits. I think everyone worked well. Today we’ve been outlining our self portraits using the very special fineliner pens. Sarona and Dante were working really hard on their artwork. I liked finishing my work today. Banjo (Reporter)


Today I learnt how to outline. The tricky bit was outlining my face because you have to try and draw exactly where you have painted. I am really happy that I did my outlining carefully and I finished my self portrait. Neve (Focus Student)

Photographer – Dante

 thumb_IMG_0600_1024 thumb_IMG_0603_1024


I have learned how to trace around my face to make an outline using special pen. I am really proud of how I have outlined my portrait especially on the hair because it was really detailed and tricky. Jakob (Focus Student)


Today we were working on our self portraits. We finished them. We had to cut them out and stick them on our coloured background. I liked doing it. It was fun. Jack (Reporter)

Photographer – Poppy


I learnt that a self portrait has to look like ourselves. The hardest part was doing the background because we used coloured squares and if you ran out of room they got a bit squashed. I had fun making my self portrait. Levi W (Focus Student)


In Art today I made something. It was a picture of myself. Everyone in the class did the same. Nadia, Indi, Levi and Ethan worked really hard on their work. It was a bit fun to do this, but some people were a bit silly. Madi and Archer were very helpful packing up. Miami (Reporter)

Photographer – Archer


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