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5/6 Weekly Art Sessions


I talked to Thomas on noise levels he rated himself as 3 Formal Normal. He also gave himself a 3/5 for where he is up to with his selfie. He’s drawn himself but still has to do the background. Lately we have been working on our selfies. Jai was the focus student today and he shared some pixel art he had been working on. Making our selfies has been enjoyable and when we have all finished our selfies we are going to hang them up and see who can guess whose selfie is whose. Angus (Reporter)


I shared pixel art that I made in Minecraft. I made a boat and a car, they had 3 layers each, usually you only use one layer. It took me an 1 and a half hours to do the boat and half an hour to do the car. I got better at drawing my body when I was doing the selfie. I drew a picture of me standing by the Eiffel Tower. I did a detailed Eiffel Tower by looking up a picture to get ideas from. Jai DH (Focus Student)


Photographer – Ashley



Jess said the hardest thing was to draw the lips.

Koopa said the hardest to draw was the arms.

Jack was happy with how he drew his head, body and arms.

Flynn liked how he did his background by mixing different colours together.

Matthew was happy with how he did a waterfall and rocks in the background of his selfie.

Bailey (Reporter)


I have improved my drawings and art skills by practising. I’m proud of my proud of my portrait because I have put a lot of effort into it. The best part of it is how I personalised the outside of my phone. The hardest part to do was the face, especially the eyes and the lips. I did get better drawing them from my first draft. I chose a painting of a girl with a fan by Renoir. I liked it because it was detailed and I liked the colours. I also liked the way she was standing and looking. She looked happy. Cherysh (Focus Student)


Photographer – Matthew




I interviewed Sruthi today and she said that the lips and the eyes were the hardest part of drawing her selfie. Then she said that the easiest part of drawing the selfie was the bridge behind her. Her favourite part of drawing the selfie was getting the body shape and all the details right on her self.

By Lucy h (Reporter)


I’ve learnt that shading things differently can make things look realistic. I’ve tried to do this on my selfie. The hardest part of my selfie was probably the eyes and the lips because they are really fine and little and hard to draw. I’m really proud of the effort I’ve put in and how good it looks. Today I shared a charcoal drawing done by a friend of my Mums. I chose it because It had a lot of detail in it and how much effort she put into it when she was young. It was about a lioness who got hurt and a lady who came to try and help the lioness mend her paw. I liked being the focus student and when people asked me questions about the artwork and how much they loved it. Arianna ( Focus Student)


Photographer –  Crystal

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3/4 Art Sessions


Today I chose an artwork by Monet to share. I chose it because its very colourful and I liked the trees and the way they did the different colours on the leaves and road. The path has lots of colours blended. I have gotten better at drawing my bodies so they are not just stick figures. I am really happy with how I have learnt to give feedback to my friends. Summer ( Focus Student)


Summer was the focus student today. She showed us a painting on a calendar of a lake. It looked like a blob of paint up close but when you looked from a distance it got better and better. I thought it was ok. We are a bit oud today but we are still working. We are finishing our selfie photos. Darcy (Reporter)


Photographer  – Jude

 thumb_IMG_0572_1024 thumb_IMG_0573_1024 thumb_IMG_0574_1024 thumb_IMG_0575_1024 thumb_IMG_0577_1024


Today we started a competition artwork for “I use my brain to….” We have to colour in and make them look awesome. I’m drawing a picture of how my brain helps me to hit a cricket ball. We are drawing our pictures first then we’ll add colour. We are the only grade 3/4 doing this. Deakan (reporter)

Photographer – Chloe



I asked 3 people about what they liked in this art session. Hayley liked colouring in her selfie, Miah liked sketching her selfie and Josie liked different artworks. I have liked trying to draw what we look like. Ruby (Reporter)


Today I brought in my Lego AT-AT walker with all my Star Wars people. I chose this because I thought it would be an exciting artwork to show everyone. I think it’s art because it’s a sculpture and sculptures are Art. Seth gave me feedback to make my face not really round. I’m really happy with my selfie because my face is exactly the shape I wanted. I got some tips from Seth to help me draw my hair so it’s not flat. It looks really good. Odin (Focus Student)

Photographer – Jed



We are working on our phone pictures and moving on to our brain drawings. Sometimes we work really well in Art. We enjoy coming to Art because it is fun to learn new things. I have learnt how to sew and how to draw really good things. We are going to put our phones up for display and enter the brain drawings in a competition. Arie (Reporter)

Photographer – Eboni

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1/2 Art


I asked 3 people about art today.


Jakobi said I liked doing the backgrounds and making the people.

Mackenzie said she liked doing the outlining and she liked coming to Art.

Kobe said he liked doing outlining on his face.

I feel happy to be the reporter because it’s the first time I have got to be one in Art. Larni (reporter)


Photographer – Charlee


I have learnt to paint and cut out and stick my work on the page better. I am proud of my artwork because I did a good job and worked hard on it. Niya (Focus Student)



We have been painting our self portraits. I think everyone worked well. Today we’ve been outlining our self portraits using the very special fineliner pens. Sarona and Dante were working really hard on their artwork. I liked finishing my work today. Banjo (Reporter)


Today I learnt how to outline. The tricky bit was outlining my face because you have to try and draw exactly where you have painted. I am really happy that I did my outlining carefully and I finished my self portrait. Neve (Focus Student)

Photographer – Dante

 thumb_IMG_0600_1024 thumb_IMG_0603_1024


I have learned how to trace around my face to make an outline using special pen. I am really proud of how I have outlined my portrait especially on the hair because it was really detailed and tricky. Jakob (Focus Student)


Today we were working on our self portraits. We finished them. We had to cut them out and stick them on our coloured background. I liked doing it. It was fun. Jack (Reporter)

Photographer – Poppy


I learnt that a self portrait has to look like ourselves. The hardest part was doing the background because we used coloured squares and if you ran out of room they got a bit squashed. I had fun making my self portrait. Levi W (Focus Student)


In Art today I made something. It was a picture of myself. Everyone in the class did the same. Nadia, Indi, Levi and Ethan worked really hard on their work. It was a bit fun to do this, but some people were a bit silly. Madi and Archer were very helpful packing up. Miami (Reporter)

Photographer – Archer


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