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Grade 3/4 Weekly Wrap

on February 26, 2016


In Art we are drawing ourselves on phones and practising on the back of them. When we have finished drawing them we will colour them and put them on display. I’m doing myself in a dress that’s a grey colour and I’m drawing myself with silver sandals. I also have been asking for feedback from people about what I look like and what I can do to make my drawing look better. I asked Rhiarna for feedback when we started. Regan (Reporter)


Photographer – Max


In Art we are working on our self portraits. We have asked for feedback and practised drawing our pictures first. It’s sometimes hard because some bits take a long time to do. My face looks good because I took my time and made it neat. The class is working well to finish their selfies. Tyler (Reporter)


I have been doing a good job drawing me, holding Ariel my cat. I did a really good job of the cats ears. The hardest part has been trying to draw Ariel’s arms and paws. I’m lying on my bed in my selfie. I have learnt how to draw heads a bit better. I started by drawing really slow to get the shape right. Hayley (Focus Student)


Photographer – Rowdy



in Art, were going well on our selfie work and many people are starting to colour their portrait we are doing well on getting the shape right. Its hard to do the hands holding the phone.


I am doing well on my one getting the shape of the face and the shading on it. The hand is not the best because it could be improved. Joe (Reporter)


I shared a picture of a room that was half colourful graffiti and half plain white. I chose it because it I really liked all the colours and I thought it was a really good artwork. I’ve learnt how to improve my drawing by doing a rough copy first and then doing my good copy. I am really happy with my face because normally I don’t get the shape right but on this one it looks good. Rhiarna (Focus Student)


Photographer – Mady


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