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5/6 Selfies

on February 26, 2016


What we are doing in art is we are drawing self portraits of ourselves. We have to include a back ground ourselves and colour. On my portrait I’ve chosen a back ground that has a basket ball ring a football goals. I learnt that some parts of shading are lighter than other parts. The medium in the art work was paint. The paint was very detailed but it wasn’t a exact replica of the man himself.

By Logan C (Reporter)


Today I was the art focus student and had to show the class an artwork. I showed the class a painting of a banker smoking a cigar it was really fun and cool. later I worked on my selfie and learnt how to mix and shade different shades of colours I also learnt how to look at something and draw the exact same thing on a sheet of paper art was really fun

By Erin (Focus Student)


Photographer – Charlotte


what are we doing in art today we are working on our selfies today again we are getting there and they are looking really good. We where learning how to shade we tried to shade on the face. There are many different types of faces so there was many different places to shade there was also different types of backgrounds such as in holly wood and and on farms and in town up the street and even some simple backgrounds I am loving art in 2016 I cant wait for more.


There many people concentrating and working really hard keep up the good work 5/6c


Reporter: Tori W

Photographer: Bella B




Today I presented my cousin’s artwork and I showed my class her gemstone characters for her latest book. I chose this because I thought they looked really interesting and colourful. They were made up me, my friends and some fused together. I think getting the eyes to look realistic will be the hardest part of my selfie.

Gretta (Focus Student)


In Art we are doing Selfies! We are drawing our faces. We are starting with rough drafts and we’ll put our face on the iPhone. We will write our goals on the other iPhone. When we have finished a draft we get feedback on how to make it better.

Leo (Reporter)


Photographer – Milly


In art we are working on selfie drawings! Of yourself you have to memorise how you look and draw it onto a paper phones. We will see how close we get to getting it to look just like us in the past.  Bailey brought a drawing image of a butterfly and a wolf to share as the focus student. J.W (Reporter)


I feel excited to be able to draw my portrait and learn new skills to be able to sketch better. I’ve shaded and started on the good copy of my self portrait. I think I’m getting the shapes right and I’m staying on task. I shared my wolf and butterfly drawings. I chose them because I liked the techniques I used on them. Bailey (Focus Student)


Photographer – Kiera

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