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5/6 ‘selfies’

on February 22, 2016


Today we are drawing a picture of ourselves. It is really fun and is a great idea because we can give each other feedback about our pictures so we can make it better. We can also learn how to draw things that are hard to draw. This is really fun and I love drawing, so it is a great idea. Tori R (Reporter)


I think that I improved your self portrait from my first draft to my sixth draft. I improved on the size, the arms and not having much detail in the first one. I changed just 2 lines that were arms to look like proper arms. My face improved so I had more than 2 dots for eyes which I changed into more of an oval shape.  I’m going to start my good copy selfie next week. Thomas (Focus Student)

Photographer – Marcus


we are are drawing selfies we can make them look however we want as long as it has us in it we can chose our background. We give each other feedback to improve the picture we are allowed to do as many drafts as we want when we have finished we are going to put them in the foyer and people have to guess which person is in the picture.

Jess.H .(Reporter)

I don’t think I am the best at Art but I have improved on drawing my own head. I think I have got the shape better now. I’m happy with how I am trying to focus in Art and not getting distracted. I learnt that it’s not easy to choose a painting to share with the class. The one o chose no-one liked because it was violent and wasn’t a picture they would like to put on their wall. It was called ‘The Blinding of Sampson’ by Rembrandt. It was detailed but it wasn’t very colourful and I would have liked something with trees and water too. Tyson ( Focus Student)

Photographer – Tamika

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