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3/4 week 4 antics

on February 22, 2016


In Art we are doing ‘Selfies’ but we have to draw them. It could be a head or with a friend. Then we have to draw our selfie onto the phone on paper and see if people can guess our faces. We are trying to make them look like the real thing. At first it is very challenging because you have to take a photo of yourself in your head and see if you can draw it. Nobody will get it perfect but we want to try the best we can. I bet when we have finished them they are going to look outstanding! McKenzie (Reporter)


Today I have been doing my ‘selfie of myself. I also shared my art of 2 Optical Illusions. The 2 Optical Illusions one of them was one that started to grow when you stared at it and the other one when you stared at it looked like it had black dots and they kept flashing at you. The hardest part today was trying to get the face the right shape. I’m very proud of how I practised on my face and how I have seen it improve.  Jono (Focus Student)


Photographer – Scarlett

We are drawing on our selfies. We are colouring in the phone cases and our selfies. I’m still drawing my selfie and I finished my rough copy on the back of my sheet. We have a focus student every week. This week’s was Bella and she picked an artwork of 2 cats listening to music together. We had a talk about what we thought they were listening to. I thought that they might be listening to ‘My Dogs Got Fleas’. Other people thought AC/DC, the sound of the sea, dubhstep, or Lovecats. After we finish our selfies we will be moving onto doing some painting. Wilbur (Reporter)


Hi my name is Bella and today I was the focus student. I showed a cat picture that an artist drew. It was really hard to explain. The cats were imagining that they were listening to music on headphones. In the background it was like a big party going on. I liked it because they showed you 2 different coloured cats My whole class was thinking of different music that they were listening to. Also I have been drawing my selfie. It was really hard to start off drawing but I got the hang of it. Making the eyes the right size was really tricky. I have put a lot of effort into drawing my top. Bella (focus Student)


Photographer – Tamsyn

thumb_IMG_0414_1024 thumb_IMG_0416_1024 thumb_IMG_0417_1024



We are working on self portraits. We are going to do a selfie display stick them up and see if anyone can guess who is who. We are working on drawing our pictures as close to ourselves as we can make them.  Chelsea (Reporter)


I liked presenting my graffiti art. It has nice colours and kind of glowed. It also had lots of different colours that looked good. I felt like I did a good job presenting the graffiti art to the class and I think the audience listened well. I learnt that the graffiti I showed is sometimes bad and you can get fined if you do it without permission. Sometimes it looks great though. I improved drawing my hair and putting more on my head in my self portrait. I want to improve my ears as they need to be a bit bigger. I think I worked well today and didn’t talk as much as I have in other lessons. Jim (Focus Student)

Photographer – Seth

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