Miss Sharp's Art Room

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1/2 weekly art sessions

on February 22, 2016



We were doing our portraits and we were painting what we looked like. We were trying to make the paint stay in the lines and be good artists. Jakobi (Reporter)

Today I found it was hard to stay in the lines when I was painting. I was proud that I nearly finished painting my portrait. I think I did a good job on the eyes and ears, nose and shoulders because I think they look nearly right.

Tayla (Focus)



In Art we are working on drawing and painting our faces. Today we drew our faces. We learnt how to not mix colours up when we are painting. A good painter paints something they want to paint. Miharo (Reporter)

I learnt to never mix colours because it makes different colours when you don’t want different colours. I’m proud of how I painted today. I tried to make it neat and not splash it around. Indi (Focus Student)



Photographer – Toby

Today in Art we drew our self and painted it. We talked about being a good artist. A good artist tries to stay in the lines, never gives up and does lots of paintings. It was a bit tricky painting our self portraits but it was fun. Delta (Reporter)

Today I improved on my drawing. I normally don’t draw big and today I did my face big. I’m proud of how neat I did my portrait. The best thing I did was painting and drawing my hair and eyes. Lilly (Focus Student)


We drew our self portraits and now we are painting them. We are all enjoying it. It’s very fun. When we drew our self portraits we had to do more than one draft. We try to paint the same way (in the same direction) and stay inside the lines. William (Reporter)

It was a little bit tricky drawing the faces, especially the head and shoulder but I have got used to doing it. I have done a really good job on my face because I carefully painted white on the mouth. Asha (Focus Student)

Photographer – Tequijuan





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