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Year 5/6 Art – a week in reflection

on February 12, 2016


In Art 5/6C are drawing selfies. We have to make our drawing realistic and make it look as good as possible! We are also writing our goals into text messages. My goal is to try and draw noses so they look real and good. I think we are going really well and I am enjoying this activity Ella F (Reporter)

 Photographer – Caleb

Today I learnt about pointillism because I chose a painting to share that used it. I picked ‘The Circus’ by Georges Seurat. I chose it because it had a horse and looked textured. I learnt that I am not very good at drawing eyes on people or dogs and I like drawing myself. My selfie is a drawing of me and my dog at my house.

Aria (Focus Student)


today in art we are drawing self portraits. We drew them on the back of our paper first. I am drawing myself and my friend with a rolercoaster in the back round. I learnt how to draw my hair so it looks realistic. We’re going to put our selfies on display and see if people can work out who everyone is in the class. Bella (Reporter)

I was drafting some pictures and sketching. Then I had to scale it down so that is could all fit in the picture. I chose an artwork by Renoir and I chose it because it looked like a billabong or somewhere you might find in Australia. Flynn (Focus Student)

Photographer – Matthew


Today we are drawing in a pitcher I phone we are drawing our selfies, or people with us, or things with us. Miss Sharp gave us the idea of doing this because Xavier showed us a picture and we are trying to show what people look like when they use a iPhone and take a photo of ourselves.  We are making a draft first. by Crystal (Reporter)

My learning today has been good. I’ve learnt that you can see what people are thinking in their artworks and make up stories. I am drawing my selfie. The hardest part is getting the outline shapes and where the arm goes out right on my drawing. I am proud of how well I am listening and doing what I need to. I felt good being the focus student because I like to draw and I got to today. Xavier (Focus Student)

Photographer – Bailey

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