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Welcome Back 2016

on February 12, 2016

Welcome back to 2016 everyone. We have lots of exciting things planned for Art this year. Firstly though a request for all students to have clearly named art smocks ready to go as soon as possible please. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy an old shirt is absolutely perfect. Thanks to everyone that already has theirs ready to go 🙂


Each week there will be a focus student in each class. For those in years 3 – 6 they will need to bring in an artwork of their choice to share on their day. The artwork can be something students have made or an artwork they have found in a book or on the internet. I will be putting up the focus student’s names on the board outside the art room. Well done to Flynn, Kaine, Izaiyah, Aria, Jaime and Xavier who have started us of so well.


We will be continuing with our Art Blog this year with students taking on the role of reporters and photographers to create our posts. These will also be displayed in an Art Journal near the front office. There will be new posts up shortly as I am trialling uploading at the end of the week with a post for each year level. I am very impressed with our grade 1/2 focus students learning statements this week. Well done Kyle, Kassie, Stella and Zabina.


Our first creations this year will be around self portraits and getting to know our new classmates. We will also be setting some goals for what we would like to achieve in the areas of drawing and painting. Years 3 – 6 will be exploring their portraits through the ‘selfie’ creating a fun display. The year 1-2 students will be exploring colour and looking at improving their work through use of feedback and drafts to paint their self portraits.


Prep students will begin to create their very special Prep Art Books. These focus on introducing basic skills and art concepts, such as primary and secondary colours. The Prep Art Books usually take a couple of terms to complete.

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