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1/2 week 3 Art Wrap

on February 12, 2016


In Art we are learning about drawing self portraits. We had to draw our whole face and our shoulders. We get feedback when we have finished our drafts from our classmates. Then we go back and fix up the parts that our classmates have said we could improve. We get a new piece of paper and do our next draft on that. I have improved the way I did my hair. Stella (Reporter)


I worked on my self portrait. I did 3 drafts. I got feedback from Mackenzie and Charlee they helped give me ideas to improve my drawing. Kassie (focus student)

Photographer – Kobe


We’re doing a self portrait. A self portrait is where you draw a picture of yourself. Once we’ve done our first draft we keep going until it’s perfect. Then we will get to paint it. We know it looks good when it looks like you. We get feedback from the class and when they say that looks good it’s finished. We are kind, specific and helpful and not mean when we give feedback. I think that the whole class is doing a great job on their self portraits. Miah (Reporter)

Photographer – Miley

I got feedback to make my eyes bigger and not to make swirls in my eyes. So I did another draft. I made my eyes and hair look normal and I added teeth. I’m proud of how I have structured my head because it was hard to do. Kyle (focus student)


In Art we are doing self portraits to do self portraits. we watched a movie called Auston’s Butterfly. It gave us some facts about giving feedback to help get our faces better. When he started off it wasn’t as good as it could be so he asked his friends for feedback and went back and sis it again. When he got to his last draft using colour it looked amazing. Our self portraits we are doing of our head and shoulders and we get feedback too. It is fun. Lily T (Reporter)

I have learnt to do self portraits drawing myself. We did 5 or 6 drafts to make our drawings look good and not messy. The hardest part was drawing the head and the shoulders. I think I have done a really good job of my hair because I made sure it was drawn long enough because it really is long. Stella – focus student

Photographer – Phoebe


In Art we are working on drawing self portraits. It’s a picture of ourselves. I drew a head and shoulders. We had to make sure our eyes are not fully black. I am proud that to get better I have improved my work. I had one draft that didn’t have earrings so I added them. My picture now looks finished. Inika (Reporter)

I learnt that if I practise I can get better at drawing pictures of myself. The hardest thing to do was trying to get the eyelashes in the same spot, the eyes closer to the nose and getting the glasses to curve down. It was a little tricky to draw around the back to show the elastic. I am really proud of how I did getting the eyes, glasses and eyelashes looking good. Zabina (Focus student)

Photographer – Charlie


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