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Patterned Hands by 1/2S and 1/2TJ


Today we made hands and I put heaps of detail. I did about twenty different patterns. The best pattern was a spiderweb.


Today we made some hands. We put as much detail in it and Miss Sharp said that 1/2TJ had nearly the best detail in the school. I like mine because there are lots of patterns and I didn’t think I could have made that many J


I put a lot of effort into my artwork. I made a little cat I’ve named it Puss in Boots. This was one of the patterns on my hands. I’m happy with my effort today.


 Photographer – Auston

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I repeated the pattern on both of my hands and I did a flower on my hands. I repeated the pattern on all of my fingers. I’m outlining it. It’s got lots of detail on it.


We are all doing hands. We traced around our hands and we are doing cool patterns on them now. I’ve done some zig-zags and some flowers on mine. At the tips of the fingers I drew some fire.

Stella M

I’ve done patterns on my hands they are skulls, spiders, zig-zags and smoke. I’m working well to get mine finished.


Photographers – Toby and Eliza

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