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Arts Extravaganza

on November 18, 2015

Well better late than never, but wow the Arts Extravaganza was fantastic. We received so many positive comments from our audience. The Art Show looked amazing, with many thanks to my helpers Jackie and Sally. It was a long day setting it up but it was worth it in the end. Every student had at least one piece of work on display and it was great to see students pointing out their artworks to their families and friends. We even had a visiting artist comment on the quality of the artworks “These artworks could hang in any gallery in the world” fantastic feedback.

If you missed it here are some photos of the Art Show. A big and belated congratulations to all the performers and staff who made our Arts Extravaganza extraordinary. So many talented students 🙂 Well done everyone.

thumb_IMG_0820_1024   thumb_IMG_0822_1024 thumb_IMG_0823_1024 thumb_IMG_0824_1024 thumb_IMG_0825_1024 thumb_IMG_0826_1024 thumb_IMG_0827_1024 thumb_IMG_0828_1024 thumb_IMG_0829_1024 thumb_IMG_0830_1024 thumb_IMG_0831_1024 thumb_IMG_0832_1024 thumb_IMG_0833_1024 thumb_IMG_0834_1024 thumb_IMG_0835_1024 thumb_IMG_0836_1024 thumb_IMG_0837_1024 thumb_IMG_0838_1024 thumb_IMG_0839_1024 thumb_IMG_0840_1024 thumb_IMG_0841_1024 thumb_IMG_0842_1024 thumb_IMG_0843_1024 thumb_IMG_0844_1024 thumb_IMG_0845_1024 thumb_IMG_0846_1024

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