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Prep D Painting reflections

on October 26, 2015

I did a wonderful painting today. I used pink and blue and orange. – Chloe

We painted our bowls we made last week. – Hugh

I mixed colours and made pretty colours. I made pink, green and blue and orange and light blue. – Sarona

I put spots on my clay pot. I put dark blue in the middle and I did the whole outside dark brown. – Cokey

 I was painting my pot I mixed colours on the tray. – Neve

Today I used pink, blue, green and skin colour to paint my pot. – Shontai

 I painted my pot blue. I mixed white and yellow too. – Tilly

I used lots of colours on my pot and painted in patterns. I used pink, blue and red. – Lacey

I painted my clay. I mixed red and white to make pink. I used blue and green and I had fun. – Poppy

I painted my clay in blue because it is a nice colour. I mixed different colours like orange, light blue, grey but I didn’t use them.– Ruby

I was painting my clay in aqua. I mixed yellow, blue and white to make it. I used the dark blue, black and red. – Dante

I made blue, silver, and put some spots and lines on my clay. – Levi

 I mixed up blue and yellow to make green but it was a bit dark brown. – Cayden

I painted the bottom of my clay red and polka dot and pink. – Banjo

I painted my pot and I made light brown and very dark purple and a nice light red. – Miami

I used blue on the bottom and on the top I used yellow and blue. – Dakota



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