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Ararat Show Results

on October 26, 2015


Congratulations to the following students who had artwork entered in the Ararat Show. We had an amazing display of artwork and the sections looked great. The committee were impressed with the variety of artwork and talents shown by our students.

1st Place

Jessie Murphy – Prep 1, 2 section

Erin Peter – Grade 5 & 6 section


2nd Place

Eli O’Neill – Prep, 1, 2 section

Jack Manning – Grade 3 & 4 section


Highly Commended

Mackenzie Johnson – Prep, 1, 2 section

Phoebe Segedinski – Prep, 1, 2 section

Makayla Young – Prep, 1, 2 section

Abby Shay – Grade 3 & 4 section

Lachie Cranstoun – Grade 3 & 4 section

Rhylan Interlandi – Grade 3 & 4 section

Dakota Barrie – Grade 5 & 6 section

Bailey Pennycad – Grade 5 & 6 section


Special Mention to the following students

Shontai Richards PD      Dante Plunkett Prassopoulos PD

Poppy Toner PD     Levi Wilson PD

Sarona Melenhorst PD  Isobel Leggett 1/2C

Miah Townsend 1/2C   Pat Toner 1/2C

Ellie Dawson 1/2H         Emmett Murphy 1/2S

Gio McKinnis 1/2S         Sylvan Day 1/2S

Charlie McAuliffe 1/2TJ         Regan Price 1/2TJ

Tyson Vermeend 1/2TJ         Chelsea Bond 3/4FP

J.W. 3/4FP      Zafira D.H 3/4FP

Crystal Thomas 3/4FP  Holly Bowden 3/4FP

Ethan Fenn 3/4H   Emily Sheffield 5/6C

Holly McAdie 5/6C         Lucy Harwood 5/6C

Matilda Cranstoun 5/6D

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