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All That Glitters is not Gold – Children’s Week at Ararat Art Gallery

on October 26, 2015

On Monday the 26th October, 26 students from Ararat 800 PS headed off to the Ararat Art Gallery to take part in the Children’s Week art activities. We got to work with local printmaker Anne Langdon to create fabric and paper prints. We had to think about something that was precious to us but not worth a lot of money. Some of us did pets, family and some of our favourite things like games and food. We drew a picture first and then we had to copy or trace our design onto foam. Anne showed us how to cover our foam with ink and copy this onto paper. The drawing on the foam came out as a white line on the paper and the background was coloured. We got to choose black, red, blue, green or gold ink. After we had printed our design on the fabric we got to use stamps and things to make a border. One was a potato cut up in a pattern.

Our fabric panel will go on display at the Ararat Art Gallery as part of an exhibition. Hopefully we get to go and see it.

We walked up to the Art Gallery and we were greeted by a lady named Wendy. They taught us how to do printing and the theme was Everything that Glitters Isn’t Gold. They got us to choose something that’s precious to us and draw it on a piece of paper and then on a piece of foam. After we drew it on the foam we rolled ink over it and printed it on a piece of paper. After we had a try on the paper we had a try on a piece of fabric. When we had printed it on the fabric we were allowed to do a border with stamps around it. When everyone was finished we headed back to school. I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again – Matilda.

The people who went to the workshop were

Grade 1/2 – Makayla, Connor R, Ellie, Chloe, Isobel, Phoebe, Miah, Emmett, Gio, Zoe and Jessie

Grade 3/4 – Zafira, Abby, Jack, Marcus, Ellouise, Sonny, Summer, Ashlyn and Hugh

Grade 5/6 – Matilda, Nikhita, Talia, Wyatt, Dakota and Talia


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