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Clay Grades 1 and 2

on October 21, 2015

I learnt how to make a cup out of clay. We broke the clay into 2 halves and made a teacup. I made dots of my Dad and me on mine. We practised making the clay very smooth so we could draw on it.

Hudson (focus student)

We used part of the clay to make a handle and we had to bend it and if you made a mistake you used water to make glue to fix it. They could be cups and we did them all today. We decorated them using a stick (skewer)

Wyatt (Reporter)

Photographer – Levi

thumb_IMG_4853_1024 thumb_IMG_4849_1024 thumb_IMG_4847_1024 thumb_IMG_4844_1024 thumb_IMG_4845_1024 thumb_IMG_4846_1024

I learnt that if you use clay you cant use that much water on the clay because it will get very smooth and break easily. I thought that we would paint the clay today but we have to let the clay dry before we paint or the clay will go yuk and ruined. I needed a bit of help with the handle and rolling the clay in a circle and I asked for a bit of feedback to help me improve my work.

Rishi (Focus)


We made a cup with clay and we made a handle and a cup to put the handle on. Next week we might paint it. Some of the pieces of clay were hard and some were soft. My piece was hard. Miah did a really good job making her cup. Miss Sharp said we could do patterns using the stick on our cups. We had lots of fun today.

Isobel (Reporter)

Photographer – Phoebe

thumb_IMG_0748_1024 thumb_IMG_4845_1024 thumb_IMG_4846_1024

I mixed pink to paint my bowl. I had to use white and red. I was careful not to get the colours dirty and mixed on my tray. I tried to make purple but it didn’t work. I put red and blue and I thought it would make purple but it didn’t look quite right.

Miley (focus)

We painted our cups and mixed colours together to make different colours. We had fun doing this.

Indi (Reporter)

Photographer – Sarah


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