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All That Glitters is not Gold – Children’s Week at Ararat Art Gallery

On Monday the 26th October, 26 students from Ararat 800 PS headed off to the Ararat Art Gallery to take part in the Children’s Week art activities. We got to work with local printmaker Anne Langdon to create fabric and paper prints. We had to think about something that was precious to us but not worth a lot of money. Some of us did pets, family and some of our favourite things like games and food. We drew a picture first and then we had to copy or trace our design onto foam. Anne showed us how to cover our foam with ink and copy this onto paper. The drawing on the foam came out as a white line on the paper and the background was coloured. We got to choose black, red, blue, green or gold ink. After we had printed our design on the fabric we got to use stamps and things to make a border. One was a potato cut up in a pattern.

Our fabric panel will go on display at the Ararat Art Gallery as part of an exhibition. Hopefully we get to go and see it.

We walked up to the Art Gallery and we were greeted by a lady named Wendy. They taught us how to do printing and the theme was Everything that Glitters Isn’t Gold. They got us to choose something that’s precious to us and draw it on a piece of paper and then on a piece of foam. After we drew it on the foam we rolled ink over it and printed it on a piece of paper. After we had a try on the paper we had a try on a piece of fabric. When we had printed it on the fabric we were allowed to do a border with stamps around it. When everyone was finished we headed back to school. I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again – Matilda.

The people who went to the workshop were

Grade 1/2 – Makayla, Connor R, Ellie, Chloe, Isobel, Phoebe, Miah, Emmett, Gio, Zoe and Jessie

Grade 3/4 – Zafira, Abby, Jack, Marcus, Ellouise, Sonny, Summer, Ashlyn and Hugh

Grade 5/6 – Matilda, Nikhita, Talia, Wyatt, Dakota and Talia


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Ararat Show Results


Congratulations to the following students who had artwork entered in the Ararat Show. We had an amazing display of artwork and the sections looked great. The committee were impressed with the variety of artwork and talents shown by our students.

1st Place

Jessie Murphy – Prep 1, 2 section

Erin Peter – Grade 5 & 6 section


2nd Place

Eli O’Neill – Prep, 1, 2 section

Jack Manning – Grade 3 & 4 section


Highly Commended

Mackenzie Johnson – Prep, 1, 2 section

Phoebe Segedinski – Prep, 1, 2 section

Makayla Young – Prep, 1, 2 section

Abby Shay – Grade 3 & 4 section

Lachie Cranstoun – Grade 3 & 4 section

Rhylan Interlandi – Grade 3 & 4 section

Dakota Barrie – Grade 5 & 6 section

Bailey Pennycad – Grade 5 & 6 section


Special Mention to the following students

Shontai Richards PD      Dante Plunkett Prassopoulos PD

Poppy Toner PD     Levi Wilson PD

Sarona Melenhorst PD  Isobel Leggett 1/2C

Miah Townsend 1/2C   Pat Toner 1/2C

Ellie Dawson 1/2H         Emmett Murphy 1/2S

Gio McKinnis 1/2S         Sylvan Day 1/2S

Charlie McAuliffe 1/2TJ         Regan Price 1/2TJ

Tyson Vermeend 1/2TJ         Chelsea Bond 3/4FP

J.W. 3/4FP      Zafira D.H 3/4FP

Crystal Thomas 3/4FP  Holly Bowden 3/4FP

Ethan Fenn 3/4H   Emily Sheffield 5/6C

Holly McAdie 5/6C         Lucy Harwood 5/6C

Matilda Cranstoun 5/6D

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Prep D Painting reflections

I did a wonderful painting today. I used pink and blue and orange. – Chloe

We painted our bowls we made last week. – Hugh

I mixed colours and made pretty colours. I made pink, green and blue and orange and light blue. – Sarona

I put spots on my clay pot. I put dark blue in the middle and I did the whole outside dark brown. – Cokey

 I was painting my pot I mixed colours on the tray. – Neve

Today I used pink, blue, green and skin colour to paint my pot. – Shontai

 I painted my pot blue. I mixed white and yellow too. – Tilly

I used lots of colours on my pot and painted in patterns. I used pink, blue and red. – Lacey

I painted my clay. I mixed red and white to make pink. I used blue and green and I had fun. – Poppy

I painted my clay in blue because it is a nice colour. I mixed different colours like orange, light blue, grey but I didn’t use them.– Ruby

I was painting my clay in aqua. I mixed yellow, blue and white to make it. I used the dark blue, black and red. – Dante

I made blue, silver, and put some spots and lines on my clay. – Levi

 I mixed up blue and yellow to make green but it was a bit dark brown. – Cayden

I painted the bottom of my clay red and polka dot and pink. – Banjo

I painted my pot and I made light brown and very dark purple and a nice light red. – Miami

I used blue on the bottom and on the top I used yellow and blue. – Dakota



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Prep Clay Reflections


We made a cup but we can’t put water in them. – Larni


I mixed grey, green, light green and some other colours to paint my clay – Riley


I made a little cup and I painted it with different colours and I mixed some colours up. I used gold, black and red. – Niya


I made different colours and I painted with them. I made pink with red and white and I made green with blue, yellow and white and I made another colour – Ella


I am proud of how I mixed colours together. Miss Sharp helped me put red dots on my cup.– Jai


I mixed up colours to make grey and brown. I also mixed yellow and blue to make green – Kade


I mixed some green for the inside of my bowl and brown for the bottom. I maybe did a few zigzags and dots too. – Archer


I used dark blue and yellow and white. – Jordan.


I put blue on the bottom and black on the inside of my cup. – Jye


I tried to make green and I made pink and light blue to decorate my bowl – Acacia


I mixed some colours to make blue and I mixed white and blue and it made light blue. – Emma


I mixed red and blue and it made purple. I used it to paint my bowl. – Indi


I liked making a bowl in clay. I mixed light blue and yellow to paint it. – Nadia


I mixed colours and I made grey and also I mixed yellow, light pink and that made a different kind of pink to just mixing white and red. – Mackenzie


I really liked making things with clay – Madi.

thumb_IMG_4833_1024 thumb_IMG_4834_1024 thumb_IMG_4836_1024 thumb_IMG_4837_1024 thumb_IMG_4838_1024

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Clay Grades 1 and 2

I learnt how to make a cup out of clay. We broke the clay into 2 halves and made a teacup. I made dots of my Dad and me on mine. We practised making the clay very smooth so we could draw on it.

Hudson (focus student)

We used part of the clay to make a handle and we had to bend it and if you made a mistake you used water to make glue to fix it. They could be cups and we did them all today. We decorated them using a stick (skewer)

Wyatt (Reporter)

Photographer – Levi

thumb_IMG_4853_1024 thumb_IMG_4849_1024 thumb_IMG_4847_1024 thumb_IMG_4844_1024 thumb_IMG_4845_1024 thumb_IMG_4846_1024

I learnt that if you use clay you cant use that much water on the clay because it will get very smooth and break easily. I thought that we would paint the clay today but we have to let the clay dry before we paint or the clay will go yuk and ruined. I needed a bit of help with the handle and rolling the clay in a circle and I asked for a bit of feedback to help me improve my work.

Rishi (Focus)


We made a cup with clay and we made a handle and a cup to put the handle on. Next week we might paint it. Some of the pieces of clay were hard and some were soft. My piece was hard. Miah did a really good job making her cup. Miss Sharp said we could do patterns using the stick on our cups. We had lots of fun today.

Isobel (Reporter)

Photographer – Phoebe

thumb_IMG_0748_1024 thumb_IMG_4845_1024 thumb_IMG_4846_1024

I mixed pink to paint my bowl. I had to use white and red. I was careful not to get the colours dirty and mixed on my tray. I tried to make purple but it didn’t work. I put red and blue and I thought it would make purple but it didn’t look quite right.

Miley (focus)

We painted our cups and mixed colours together to make different colours. We had fun doing this.

Indi (Reporter)

Photographer – Sarah


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Dragon Body Project Update

Welcome back to the start of Term 4 and what a busy term it’s shaping up to be. We have the Arts Extravaganza coming up in a few weeks and the Chinese Dragon Body project is well underway. The 3-6 students have all begun working on their actual panels, making their own choices about what techniques and materials they would like to use. So far we have panels being painted, sewn, drawn, embroidered, coloured and combinations of all of the above.

The Prep – 2 students have all been designing their panels and are starting to work on the actual panels in the next couple of weeks. Preps have decorated a fan shape which they will then paint and draw on their panels. The 1-2 students focused on the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals and i can’t wait to see them when they are finished.

It’s going to be a gorgeously, colourful dragon 🙂

At this stage we are planning for all of the panels to be completed by the end of the year ready for sewing into the actual body over the holidays.

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