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I have learnt that when it’s water week everyone can use water and they’re supposed to use water for most of the day and we have to do posters about it. Water makes us survive and it helps us live. Water week is helping us look after our water. In Art we the skills we used were drawing, colouring in, painting. I learnt that we have to try and stay in the lines for our poster. A good poster is nice and neat and shows people what’s happening. I drew a shark, some people, a garden and the sun.

 Focus – Ethan

We’ve been doing posters for Water Week. We can use sponges to put paint down the page. My poster had a girl drinking water with plants. It’s colourful and I outlined the words and the pictures so people say “I like that I want to have a look at that poster”

I liked Kobe’s poster because it had lots of details in the picture.

Photographer – Kobe

Reporter – Hayle

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