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We worked on making the title and the pictures in her artwork stand out, by using texta to outline. It’s very colourful and uses the whole page so her aim is now to make sure we can see the details in her poster. Sarah also experimented with pastels to go over some of her coloured sections and add a bit more detail and shape to her design

Focus – Sarah

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I asked Ella about her work and I found out that she was outlining her trees so they could stand out and look nice. I asked her if she was enjoying doing it and she said yes and it was very fun. I watched her do some of her work and it looked like she was doing a good job and I liked it.

I learnt to outline and I learnt to not scribble a lot when making a poster. My poster was about water week and saving water and helping the environment. Some countries don’t even have much water. I drew a big tank and it has parts going everywhere into every town and there is a pump in countries that have dirty water and the pump makes clean water for them. There is a pipe that takes all the dirty water and it goes to a factory where they use it to make clean water that goes back into the pipe so it can be used again.

Reporter – Lily

Photographer – Jack

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Artwork from 1/2H


I learnt that we need to be creative and make our posters look good. People will want to read them if there is lots of information about what you’re doing on it. They need to stand out and be colourful and bright. The writing needs to be dark and big so people can see it. We did some outlining using texta and oil pastels to make our writing stand out. I put lots and lots of water pictures on my poster. I painted the whole page with water colours.

Reporter – William.

Photographer – Wyatt

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