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How To Draw a Snowman – Directions by Prep D

on August 23, 2015

These were the instructions I had to follow to demonstrate drawing a snowman with the grades. They basically explained and instructed me the whole way through. This is their words ….(they were very exasperated with me not knowing what to do lol)

  1. you need to do 3 circles a small one, a medium one and a big one. The big one is at the bottom of the page and the other stack up with the small at the top.
  2. Next he needs circle eyes about halfway down the smallest circle.
  3. A carrot nose, that’s a triangle shape.
  4. Do lots of circles for the mouth but not in a straight line needs to curve so he’s smiling.
  5. Stick arms
  6. We had a bit of discussion about whether or not hair or a hat was the best option – solved this one by suggesting students could do whichever they preferred.
  7. 2 circles for buttons in the middle of the medium circle.

After the instructions on drawing the preps did their own snowmen and coloured them using oil pastels ready to put a wash over them next session. Lots of beautiful, unique and colourful snowmen were created.

thumb_IMG_4741_1024 thumb_IMG_4742_1024 thumb_IMG_4743_1024 thumb_IMG_4744_1024 thumb_IMG_4745_1024

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