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Fun in 1/2TJ

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We worked on lettering and making big bold writing to catch people’s eyes. We also practised our painting skills choosing the best brush, and adding water when our paint got fluffy.

I’ve learnt that we have to use the paintbrushes by holding them up on the end where the paint is. It’s like holding a pencil. I did boats on the water because boats travel on water.

Focus student- Charlie

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We have been doing a water fact. I have done a water plane because our posters are about water. I have used lots of colours. I learnt that you need to put your brush in the water so you can get the paint on it and it’s nice and not fluffy. Jacob and Delta have been doing a good job of their work because they are doing their work and not mucking around.


Reporter – Cody


Photographer – Caleb

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