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Art Appreciation

on August 19, 2015

3/4H Reflections

It was hard to choose an artwork to share because there were so many we liked

We had lots of different artworks chosen to explore today;

Clare looked at Egyptian cats

Ava chose artwork from the movie How To Train Your Dragon

Matthew and Deakan explored a variety of dragon art

Ella looked at works by teenage artists.

Bella chose artworks drawn in oil pastel

Hayley and Ellouise enjoyed looking at sculptures.

Haylee chose a painted kitten

Jack had fun revisiting Op Art and so did Will, who also looked at Street Art.

Rhylan explored monochromatic artworks


It was a fun session learning how to look at Art and seeing different things in the artworks. We had fun teaching each other about the artworks we had chosen.

by 3/4H


3/4B Reflections

I learnt how to find and ask questions to myself about art, if I liked it? Thought it was weird? Joe


Some paintings you can look out a window and see what’s out there to create, and others you just come up with your own ideas using your imagination. Bella


I learnt that artwork isn’t just colours – Navasha


I chose a Op Art picture because it looked like it was spinning. I liked how it how yellow and black – Rhiarna


I chose a painting of a loveheart and it had lots of colours in it. In the loveheart it had 2 people and a hand inside of it. – Tori.


3/4FP Reflections

I learnt that sometimes what people are feeling are the colours they have painted – Xavier


I thought our artwork was colourful – Jim


You don’t have to like an artwork for it to be good – Crystal

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